Saturday, May 1, 2010

Party babe!

This was last week's happening. Thanks Mr Moh for kindly giving us the VIP ticket although anyone could enter without the VIP ticket. T_____T Actually the ticket was meant for the lucky draw.

I was thinking not going to this event since i would have a test the next day. Plus, i would have my black hair again by that day. No more blonde. So, i was not in the so-called clubbing mood la..

Eventually, i did attend because my time was flexible and gave simmie a call. Initially. she did not want to go since she was having headache in the morning. But yeah, after all, we did make our move to Movida.

Before that, we met up at 1u and had our dinner. Yes, dinner time again and not knowing which place to go. Ended up we went Gardens which looks like Full House-with green plants and piano in it.

But im not gonna share the makan post here and decided to save it for the next post. Stay tuned.

We went there after simmie bought her dress in Forever21.
It was ard 930pm and the free flow session would be ended at 1000pm. Anyway, we did not get to drink any liquor because it was overcrowded.

We just happened to walk around then switch to Sanctuary.
Overall, it was not that fun. Perhaps, am not close to the other friends.
And i was being told tat actually one of the guy in the gang took part in the local drama "Chu lian hong dou bing".T__T

Align Center

Giza Mall@Kota Damansara

Movida@ Giza Mall

Troop outside Movida



elynn-p :] said...


wish i was there.

Irene said...'s can ask some handsome to bring u there in future..LOL..

jfook said...

Wow I wanna go...

Irene said... tonite!! LOL

Mr. Definite said...

Wow cool. Looks happening!

Anonymous said...

很棒的分享~希望不會打擾您 ........................................

Irene said...


♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

so now I know the name MOVIDA. how's the environment?

Irene said...

kinda similar with Library @ eCurve if u have been there before.

Its the previous Barcelona@Sunway. They relocated and named it Movida. (if im not mistaken :p)

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