Monday, May 31, 2010

Feel it in this Cafe

Quattro? Luna? Ended up at Feeling cafe@ Wangsa maju.
For those who are looking for a nice place to yumcha, here you go. You shud give it a try if you like Halo Cafe concept.

Side track a bit.. The rain is pouring down outside! It was a HOT and sunny day this morning but it turned out to be a gloomy day just one hour ago. @.@

Back to it.

Feeling Cafe@ Wangsa Maju

you can dedicate songs to your loved one..haha

offer a variety of foods and beverages

Honeydew milk tea

Strawberry Shake? (forgot the name ady)


shadowburble said...

it's a kinda nice place to hang out .. but it gets kinda noisy at night .. so its better to go there when it's not at their peak hours .. lolx

Irene said...

noisy ar..maybe crowded gua..hahaha

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