Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soo Kee Restaurant @ Imbi

Had my dinner at Restaurant Soo Kee at Jalan Imbi yesterday. It is famous for the 'ngao hor' and 'fresh prawn mee'.

Frog meat. They weren't fresh because the meat is not sweet as they are supposed to be.

tofu with minced meat

Reminder: if you are there to try out the dishes, dun ever order the homely dishes. The homely dishes are just so-so or even below so-so level. Go to try their infamous 'ngao hor'.

PS: I met our minister Datuk Ong Tee Kiat when i was there.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong's Gallery

Last-minute decision to Genting. It was just a few hours trip to genting last week with my family. I brought along my laptop to genting so that i could online at Starbucks. My parents went into the casino and they didn't know i didn't want to get in. So they just walked in and i was behind them. They only knew it when i said bye to them because they expected me to go in with them. Actually i think i could go in because there was only one guard at the entrance at that time and it wasn't that strict. At least they didn't check my brother's ic. Well, i went for a stroll to look for any sport car..hahaha. However, i managed to see only an Audi TT. sigh...After a walk, i went online in Starbucks.

There is one thing to share with you is that i went to Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong's gallery. It was newly opened at Genting Hotel. It provides visual presentation for certain time slot.
It has a full collection of the growth of Genting and the elaboration of Tan Sri's hard work.

Profit without tax during 2007 is 3.5 billion. Amazing!

Award and souvenirs

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yumcha spot@sandakan

If you are used to yumcha at night, Jesselton is a happening place in sandakan. Before this, Equator is the most happening place for yumcha. The cake in Equator is still remained the best after years.
This is the first time i've been to Jesselton with my buddies. Actually it's concept is almost as similar as Starbucks. It is a self-service basis and it provides wireless for the customers to access to internet at their shop.

(left to right) Italian lime soda, hot chocolate and mocha

Friday, May 22, 2009

Smelly Bean Curd

The first time ever try 'smelly bean curd'. Actually i wanted to try this very long time ago. But i couldn't take the smell. The smell is reallllllllllllly smelly like the odor from the canal! Maybe even worse than that. However, my auntie loves it so much and she must buy this whenever she comes to KL. Well, i persuade myself to try it as well. the smell wasn't that strong this time. It was very crunchy and had no smell when u put it in your mouth. I dip the chili sauce to cover the 'longkang' smell.

Smelly bean curd

the preserved cabbage. Just like kimchi

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Golden Pan Mee

The Golden Egg Noodle is located at Puchong and it is the so-called recommended restaurant by HoChak. Guess what, i thought their pan mee would be outstanding compared to others.

Dried Golden Pan Mee (seaweed noodle)
I like seaweed very much but the seaweed taste isn't strong. It just ordinary dried pan mee.

Nyonya ABC.

Rate: 2.5/5

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OK (2)

Here it is..A must-go place when you go sandakan.
The words on the board is made by SHELL.

The worker is catching the fish.

Mother fish perhaps leading the other fishes

Crabs living in the bubbly water


Seashell living in the cube

Monday, May 18, 2009

love story

Piano + Cello version of love story
It's kinda long but it is nice,,Hope you like it..Enjoy people..

OK (1)

Hunt for seafood? Here's the place. You cannot miss Ocean King where you can see the seaview while you are savoring you meal. I went there during the daytime. It only served the customers during night time a few years ago. Recently only they serve during daytime.

(left to right) bean curd sheet roll, fried bean curd sheet roll, chicken legs, seaweed roll, dimsum


bean curd sheet roll

fried bean curd roll

'spring' mee. A 'must-eat' mee for me everytime i go back to sandakan.
FYI, you can't find this mee in kl but only in sabah.

Some sea view and fresh sea foods will be up in the coming post.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dong Fung Shell

This is my favourite seafood that i can only savour in sabah.

Taadaa! Dong Fung luo (cantonese)

You need to boil them in hot water before it served

Get a toothpick to get the flesh

Friday, May 8, 2009

'hello' from Sandakan

Yeah! I'm in Sandakan now.
I had a terrible experience when i was on the way to LCCT.
I didn't sleep during the night before i came back to Sandakan. Not even one hour because i gotta go to airport ard 4 AM. Thus, i dun wan to make myself more sleepy by just resting for 4 hours. I stayed awake watching the King Of Snooker.
My brother sent us to LCCT ard 4.10AM. While i was on the way to airport i try to close my eyes and take a nap. However, i could sense a strong crash on behind when our car was cruising on the highway. I didn't know what happen at that time because i though the road problem. I never thought of other people crash on our car.WTF!
My brother sped off and didn't stop the car. He quickly asked me to call ppl. I just knew wat happened when he told his friend the matter just in case anything happens. He knew this was a trick because he has heard this before and his friend also kena last time.
There were only our car and the bastard's car (Waja) cruising on the road at that time. They took over our car to observe how many people in our car before they crashed on our car. They then parked at the roadside and put double signal hoping that we will stop the car!
FYI, dun ever try to STOP your car if you meet this situation next time. Just escape to avoid any tragedy. Their trick is to hit your car purposely and want you to stop the car to negotiate with them. At that time, they will curi your car and you as well!
People, be aware!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

crowded SALES

Zara sales was here in town last week. I was so excited about it and i thought i won't be able go because it was exam week. But spontaneous thing always happens...i went with my buddies..

1st stop: Ikea....

the RELISH is really YUMMIE..(the bottom pic is my bun with lil' ingredients)

After makan, we headed to the destination--Cinenleisure where the sales was held.
The queue was really scary and this was the 1st time i've ever seen this crazy sales with lotsa people!

This is long queue when we reached there!

Yeah..It is almost my turn!!

See!! People crowded the small room.

This is the worst section because the clothes were all around the floor and no one picks it up!!