Sunday, May 2, 2010

Handsome made my day

I was a bit blurry this morning and sien (bored) because my friends have gone missing. Well, i guess this what i called MIA in a sudden. That is why i was so sien..Wanted to chit chat a bit la..

He(s) made my day. No typo error here. "He" in plural. First up, a define guy whom i met before. Too bad he smokes. Second, a guy who looks like Justin (Hong Kong) not Justin Timberland.
So cute laaaaa..I meant his face looks alike Justin. No else. Because say, Justin Malaysia is taller, no botak. Third, he is a little boy who looks cute and handsome...Wanna cubit him.. He was so shy when i bye-byed with him.

Anyway, im not going out to anywhere today. Feel like emotionally tired. But not physcially tired i guess. Not in the mood to jalan jalan in shopping mall. No date. No appointment or watever. So just forget about it.

There will be another post coming in. Considering makan post or minum post. Stay tuned.

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