Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's HOLIDAY!! Any plan? Here is one for YOU!!!

Hooray!! It's already 6PM! Ciao ciao ciao!

A long weekend is waiting for you all! At least a consecutive 3 days holidays! Whats more?
Have u got any plan? Be it a short trip or a indulging one..
For those who have no plan, here is a good news for you.
Chocolate fair is happening from tomorrow to 30th May!

Do not drool liao...check it out!


jfook said...

I wish to go too. But am not in KL.

Azizan said...

yeah bangi

irene said...

@jfook where are u then? :P

M-Knight said...

sound interesting but not interested in Chocolate

kianfai87 said...

sore throat mode on *_*

ohmywtf said...

was tot of going....but but got pimples,,, :-((

Irene said...

@pity kianfai and wtf..
drink more water~~

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