Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can you see the difference?

I always get excited whenever i set foot in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Don't ask me why because i, myself also not sure about the answer. Perhaps it's just the kind of feelings where i can FLY! Yeah..F-L-Y. However, the moment i get into KLIA is different compared to others airport as I can do some shopping in KLIA. It's duty free!

reached KLIA early in the morning

grand aisle compared to will know later if u cont' to read

a set meal by MAS. It's FREE compared to Airasia where you need to purchase your own food
I had my nasi lemak with orange juice, FR chocolate and fruits.

Chicken rendang which comes with FR chocolate, orange juice and fruits as well.

Ready for the difference?

Sandakan Airport in Sabah. It is dimly lit. Plus not many shops here for you to do shopping. So, forget about shopping

Friday, December 25, 2009

rm3.99 NETT per set

Happie Boxing Day!!
This post has been pending for so long and i've got no time to sort out the picture to blog about it. And here comes the treat. Well, auntie ml introduced me to this cafe, Steven's when i worked as a part timer in her office. Wat's so special about this cafe? Its delicacy set? moderate decor? It's all about the price i guess. Only 3.99 nett per set. This would be the most attractive point to pull the customers especially OLs.

ONLY rm3.99 nett per set

I ordered the fried rice. It was just so-so. Don't set ur expectation so high

With this lemon tea

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.2/5

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Joy to the World!!
Everyone, Happie Christmas Eve! A few minutes more to Christmas Day. Wish all of you A Merry Berry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Labyrinth in Mid Valley

"I swear i never drive to Mid Valley again!" This statement was made when i caught in the jam this afternoon. But this wouldn't happen in the future unless i had a chauffeur. I was kinda lost when i was already in Mid Valley (MV) zone. I wanted to go the Boulevard parking there but i ended up in Zone A. In the midst of looking for parking space, i wanted to leave MV ady..I just lost my patience keep turning in the zone. At one point, i was almost to the exit gate. Luckily there wasn't any car following me. Or else i wouldn't have the chance to reverse. After spending 20 minutes finding the parking space, i got one near Jusco. Thanks God. I was shocked when i stepped into the mall as there were lotsa ppl. WTH! Today is just Wednesday and it is not a public holiday!!!
Worse still, i bought some groceries in Jusco before i left MV. By the time i paid the bill, i was looking for the express lane as there weren't many things with me. BUT....the counter was CLOSED!! They shudn't close the counter during the peak hour and the queue was super long just now..

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cleo Fashion Awards

If you miss the Cleo November issue which they summarized the brands that you could go for when you are dressing up yourself. Don't worry. Here will be a softcopy of what you would see in the magazine. So whether it is apparel for fun in the sun, for clubbing, for casual wear, you just need to have an eye on all these to get some tips.

The Cleo Fashion Awards was judged by 4 beauty gurus

Best Place For Vintage-Inspired Jeans: Levis

Fun And Fab Swimwear Label: Roxy

Best Shop For Workwear: Seed

Best Stop For Elegant Evening Heels: Vincci+

Best Brand For Nerdy Spectacles: Espirit

Best Stop For Party Finds: Envee

Best Shop For Clean Chic Watches: Fossil

Best Label For Aviator Shades: Ray-Ban

Best Label For Bright-Coloured Basic Finds: United Colors Of Benetton

Best Shop For Sky-Scraper Heels: Aldo

Most Trendy Sporty Label: Adidas

Funkiest Streetwear Label: F Block

Best Label For Pocket-Friendly Pieces: Nicole MNJ

Comfy Jeans You Could Almost Live in: Gap

Comfy And Functional Lingerie: Triumph

Most Butt-Flattening Jeans: Guess

Best Stop For Chic Finds: Jaspal

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Luxurious Bath

IT was just nice to observe things that happen around you without having spending lotsa $$$. I was so curious to look out to the "Bom Bom Bom" source when i was taking my bath . What so special about today? It is not a big day neither does it is a public holiday. The sky lit with the firecrackers. I bet it was awesome when one can see fire crackers when taking bath.

Btw, this is the night view from my unit. Sometimes Genting can be seen from here as well. That's why i'm so tempted to go Genting. Lol.

Can you see?

Yes..Fire crackers. This is the second batch of firecrackers tat i saw. This is was a lil further than the first one i saw when i was taking my bath.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Simple YET Elegant watches

I'm looking for elegant and cool watches all these while. I'm so glad that i bought Female November Issue because they did talk about different types of watches from metal to leather strip. I've picked my favourites. Below are some of them. I heart Tissot the most. Love it..wanna own it..But not right now..gotta save some money first..hehe..Anyone wanna sponsor me? Haha

Tissot Generosi T

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors


Kenneth Cole

Thursday, December 17, 2009

FREE Starbucks Brewed Coffee

It's time again to get FREE drinks* from Starbucks. So, don't miss out the chance. I guess it will be packed tomorrow since it's on lunch hour. Get your arse off and grab one tomorrow!

Message from Starbucks:

Dear beloved Starbucks fans,

It's our birthday! We've been blessed with your awesome support throughout the 11 years and what better way to celebrate this auspicious day than to treat you to a FREE Tall Brewed Coffee!

From 11am - 1pm , visit any Starbucks store in Malaysia for a free cup of coffee. All Starbucks stores are involved in this nationwide celebration! Please pass this invitation to all your friends.

The new Starbucks Malaysia Facebook Page will allow us to serve you better.

*****Wanna win a limited edition Starbucks merchandise?*****
Be the first 11 people to join the new Starbucks Malaysia Facebook Page. It's going LIVE tomorrow at 9pm! Stay tuned!

*****LIVE updates from our 11th Anniversary Party!*****
At 9pm today, visit the new Starbucks Malaysia Facebook Page and see what's happening at our birthday party! We'll be uploading pictures from the event venue. You can also say hi to us or wish us a Happy Birthday!

*****We're also on Twitter!*****
Yup! If you want to connect with us, follow us on Twitter! You'll get the latest news about Starbucks and event announcements like this. Be the first to know! We're at:

We're really excited about it! Thank you all very much!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joy to the Baby World

Happie 1 month old to baby Maxwell. Have many great days ahead and also Merry Xmas in advance!

Day 1: a few hours after baby Max has been delivered

Day 25 : Sleepy head

Monday, December 14, 2009

Seafood Fiesta II

Back to my Perak trip. As i said, a must-crave-for meal in Perak is seafood. Below is a restaurant found in the town of Teluk Intan which offers reasonable dishes.

fresh prawns

"He go bak" which means lai liu ha in cantonese

sizzling tofu

You only need to pay around 1+ per pax even though u order those seafoods i mention above which normally cost u a least not this cheap.