Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's time to bed. But im wanting so much to blog at this moment before i off to my dreamland.
Had a great night chatting with my dear frens tonite although i didn't expect to chat with quite a few friends simultaneously tonite!

Hope that Teng could enrol in her preferred uni soon with the help of her ex-supervisor. No nice of him to call his ex-supervisee!! Argh..Wat about mine? Not at all..not even a sms..:S

Besides, WS has made my day by telling me that my chinese name is awesome. Because she could tell you that whether or not your chinese name will lead you a good life ahead. Glad that both my bro's and mine are well named! Thanks to my uncle and auntie and also my parents! HaHa..

This gal has also told me the most shocking news! Yes, at least to me is most! So what?
Well, i just couldn't spill it because tat's kinda serious defamation if they manage to charge. LOL. Anyhow, i could tell that it's related to our chinese entertainment industry.

Well, gotta go. Prepare for tomoro.



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