Friday, April 22, 2011

Korean cuisine@ Nak Won Ampang

Had an unexpected dinner with my gal. Was actually planning to stay at home on a fine Saturday. However, it turned out to be an outing with my gal at cheras and second at ampang.
Finally, i made my way to Ampang Korea Village after much-awaiting for it.
But i think i dont really enjoy the meal because i realised that i dun really fancy korean cuisine. Perhaps, it was because the side dishes and also the mixed-rice.
Anyway, this is the one which stands out of the rest.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ichiban Ramen

Wish could attend Bit's convo last week. However, we couldn't make it to Shangri-La due to some miscommunication on the timing. It was my first time trying a new way from KLCC to Pavilion as well. Was starving for quite some time before we managed to settle down in Ichiban Ramen.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That's what she said

I've been listening to JJ's songs these few days. And i think it would be nice to share this with three different talented artists singing JJ's song. What say you?


Willis Loye


Last but not least, here present you the original version of "That's What She Said".

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nom nom Kamsamhamida

Had celebration before i started my new job! Thanks gor..
I suggested Korea Cuisine because im kinda sick of the sashimi thing recently. (not because of the Japan earthquake)
It was my first trial in Little Korea @ Sunway. Had bbq set but i could only took little pic because busy makan! haha
I wanted to have my barley juice before the meal. However, i decided to have after the meal since the waiter told me that i would not be served for the drink again after i had it at the beginning. To my disappointment, the barley juice has no more after i finished makan!!!! :(

this is what we call - nian gao

spicy soup

Friday, April 8, 2011


Its raining heavily out there. spicy.....................(fyi, i just finished taking my dinner. Why didnt the chef listen to me!! i said less spicy!)
Today's training was tough because i had to start from scratch. But i think it's kinda fun if really can master it. What's so excited is that there will be a simulation test next week!!!!!!!
I wish i could practice at home!! Unfortunately, i have no access to it!
Today was the earliest day i've gone out since last week. I was so excited when i saw there were ample of parkings! But really have to go out early.
I always have no idea why people keep saying that they are sleepy after lunch. And now i know the reason because i experienced the same situation now!! OMG.

Till then.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Just finished taking my bath. Refresh! Gonna take my dinner soon.

Im kinda looking forward to tomorrow because i've just got my new lappie!! Manager told me that everyone (kinda exaggerating here..haha) was excited for my lappie as most of them are using desktop instead of lappie! Plus, mine is the shiny new lappie!! Even my manager had the old version one..wuakaka..To be honest, i wish i could have a desktop because i want a larger screen and i do not need to pack-unpack the laptop everyday!!!

But tomorrow's training is going to be a serious and tough one. Hopefully everything goes smooth.

I went out early in the morning and it's almost the same time as yesterday. However, i was later more than half an hour compared to yesterday! WHAT'S WRONG here??!!
I thought i could get an indoor parking since i was early! Thing turned out to be the other side.
I had to park open parking! Luckily rain stopped when i went back. Or else i would curse gao gao..:(

Enjoy your dinner!! Im having mine soon. :))

Monday, April 4, 2011


Do you have monday blues?
To me, im quite enjoy today.
Went out early this morning yet traffic jam was prevailing. Is it a culture which KL people has to be caught in the jam during working hour?
It was raining early in the morning. Luckily, I've got a parking in the building today. Pity my little white which is going to be exposed to the sun quite often in future.
I bought my milo to office today and realised that there is milo in the office. ==
Thanks to my coll who let me know.
Basically, i've always hear the positive sides of the company and it does encourage me to achieve higher. I would say that most people are friendly and helpful. Playing around other than working seriously when necessary.
I left the office on time and yet the traffic was terrible! What so excited was that i did not need to dabao for my dinner!! Went to makan bitterguard soup in puchong! best if life can be relax everyday! haha

Gotta sleep early later as im kinda sleepy while blogging.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Not a fool

It's Friday night!
I hope every day would be a Friday!
Just settled myself after a whole long day.
Slept for three hours yesterday and woke up at 3AM!! Really couldn't sleep well because was afraid that would be overslept.
Went out before 7 and back home after 8! Awesome!!!
Thru and forth needed 1+ hour! That's KL!!
All in all, today was quite fun. Never thought of such cases would happen.
Met my fren during the briefing and primary schoolmates in the department!
There are many things to cope up and i think things will go smooth after i manage to befriend with them!! YES!! I CAN DO IT!!

Gonna sleep early tonight due to sleep deprivation.

Dont fool

Good morning.
Today is another brand new day!
But guess what, i think im too nervous and pressure as well. Had been warned by many people that not to be late and wake up early. Thus, i woke up real early!! Dint sleep well for two consecutive nights!
Is going to dress up soon. Hope everything is going smooth.

Happie April Fool!