Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 13 (a): My Wiggy Design

Whoa!! Watch the latest Project Alpha Season 2 episodes and impress by our Yoga Queen, Ninie!!
Gosh!! She's just so awesome!
I've tried yoga some time ago. I think it was more than five years back! I just tried but not signed up for any membership. Actually it was an trial session and my aunt brought me there. I was the youngest student in the class but i was also the 'oldest' one as well! Because i felt like i was having an 80-year-old bones!
Let's end my story and back to our Yoga Queen!!

Epi 33

Epi 34

Epi 35

Back to this week's topic..It's kinda hard though because you need to boost up ur creativity again. Let your imagination loose! But my mind it's kinda stuck. However, i manage to come up with something though.

I prefer something just simple but cute.
I came out with this mickey printed on the body of the wiggy. It's just so simple and tat's enuf for me.

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