Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What a day for me. I shall remember what's going on today. I will start counting it after the clock struck 12.

My gal friend spilled the secret of some artists (not zap ba lang one but those famous one!) after fortune-telling my future. They are definitely some shocking news to me!
Speaking of the fortune-telling, it was not really much but overall she told me that my chinese name is a good one. She was indeed quite fed up with her own chinese name.

I checked the result once i reached shop. Yet, the result hasn't come out even it's already 12 noon. The statement came out in a blink when i was talking to mommy. It was kinda sad because it says 'Dukacita and tidak terpilih....'
To be honest, i carried more hope for DPLI compared to KPLI. However, i did expect the disappoinment though because it's really bleak to get into it. Even some of the teachers have tried a few times.
I thought i wouldn't have to join the society that soon. At least there is one more year to go if i manage to get into the course.
So, it just means that i need to send out my resume really soon.

I worked for my very first job three years back. I just so regret i had such a decision (bla bla bla..and i just keep it sweet and short here). I knew her since then. But i wish i could have rewind the time and erase that past.
I met her today. I stoned and stunned for a while when i first saw her. Because i wasn't sure tat's her. I just couldn't believe my eyes at that moment. That's life. It's her. I was thinking wat's her reaction when she saw me. Well, everything went fine.
I just couldn't believe that i would meet her. She was part of my history. I admited that she made my life crazy at 'that' period. No life.
Well, she is so good at social. Let's see what will happen next.

I feel good when i have time to blog and throw my tantrum here.


Anonymous said...


m!Z_w0rLd said...

totally had no idea wat u talkin bout..
but welcome to the society~haha~

irene said...

mr moh: i dun expect anyone to understand it because i just wanna shout out here..not meant to inform the world!

And do u wanna celebrate with me then? LOL!!!

m!Z_w0rLd said...

LOL..if u pay for the celebration,then yes~ least write sumthin i will understand mar..haha

Irene said...

@ mr moh..of course u shud buy the celebration for me mah!! Aiks..

write something that u understand so that u can zat me? LOL

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