Friday, May 14, 2010

Roxy Mid Valley Pre Renovation Sales!

Whoa! It's beach time again! Equip yourself with cool and stylish stuff yet?

Dream of beach, think of Roxy. (What a lame pun!) Or it sounds more like an ads sentence.
This pre renovation specials is like you purchase more then you will get more discount.

I guess it would be better than the one in Triple Crown@1u. Better in a sense that the stocks are not those very outdated one and at least you could grab something out of it.

It's been really long time ago since i last went to Mid Valley because i hate to find parking there.
Can someone fetch me there? Argh...Thinking to get a pair of flip flop in Roxy. Arghh again..
Let's plan your weekend by moving to Mid Valley! It only lasts for SIX days!

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