Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet sweet

Its a nice talk with my frens..
However, i still couldnt manage to get my snowflake!!!

I think i will be losing weight very soon as this persists.
I kinda skipped my lunch and had my dinner late.
It's very unhealthy!!

Btw, i've really got a bit shock when u guys passed me the gift as this is unexpected.
I thought it would be no gift from you this year. :P

Initially, i thought it would be some sort of clothes.
When i unpacked it, i thought it would be perfume..(make me excited for a few seconds...:P).
I suspected as well as it seems like the packaging is kinda new if it were a perfume.'s Laneige Sleeping Mask...(Here is the complicated part..)

I just asked my fren to get the sleeping mask in KOREA!!!!!@@

Anyhow, thanks for the gift!! Appreciate it and im gonna start using it just a few minutes later!! Teehee....

Friday, July 29, 2011


Sleepy dozy...

I was guessing whether i had slight gastric just now..Was hungry ard evening but i could only have my dinner ard 10pm.

Im so sleepy but i wanted to blog before i hit my bed.

It's just so good to wake up naturally in the morning without bothering whether it's time to work or wat..


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hee haa!!
It's Wednesday and im at home now!!! Its so amazing!
It has been a long long long time where i've not been at home at this time.

Felt so excited today as i claimed my half day replacement hour and went back early.
As usual, things coming in at the critical time and i couldnt go back on time.

Rushing to the shop but the peak has over.

Your presence is not always prioritized.

It's been few months and i thought i could get it done by today!
Thus, it's not money which always speaks louder all times.
When can i have the spare time to do this??

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kiss the Night

Its already 2pm.
However, im awake now. Not to say that im not sleepy. However, i wanted to blog so much.
Wanted to iron my clothes tomorrow. Anyhow, i've decided to get it done by today.

Thinking to blog in English. Finally, I've changed my mind.


当我对你提出的问题不加以思索,就回以随便时, 就代表我不想再去理了。。(可是我总是败心软。。总不能完全做到。)


Thursday, July 21, 2011


Happie Birthday to me!
Actually wanted to upload a video by Landy. However, couldnt find the embed code!!!

Sleepy eyes now.

Today was better than what ive thought. Thank God.

It's kinda special to me as well. No celebration, no present (as per this moment).

It's just a normal day to me.

Anyway, thanks for the wishes and cards from colleagues.

Thanks to my manager as well cuz she sang birthday song to me! ! So cute..:))

Nite nite.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


At this point of time, i wanted to blog so much even though it's not a routine.
Silence and isolate.
I miss you.
I planted the seed that i have not received anything. However, I had surprise!
Somehow, it's some sort expected.
To be honest, Im kind frustrated..not to others but to myself.
Not appreciating people who treating me good but wasting my energy to others who do not worth it! So pathetic!

Im thinking how's the week going to be, Not saying the day in the week, perhaps should make it small.
How's the day going to look like?
I wish I could rewind the time back to the day. At least I could spend the day in the luxury cube.

Speaking of work, quite a few people asked me about it. However, I hardly find the interest in explaining it. Time flies.
The longer you have been there, the more responsibilities you need to take on.
Responsibilities are inversely proportionate to the excuse.

Sleep deprivation!!
The vision was blur. Perhaps it's the consequence of sleep deprivation.
Gotta sleep early!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Past, Present, Future

It's so darn HOT!
I wish i were in Genting right now.
Anyhow, i've been doing nothing meaningful today. Wandering in a small cubical without any planning. Searching for hands free. However, my attempt was unsuccessful. So where has my hands free gone?
Was thinking i should do something meaningful this weekend after wasting my last few weekends.
But other than having a talk with my dearie, i think i was doing nothing better. Couldnt imagine that could be that long.
Anything for me?
Anyone for me?

People keep asking what have you done for the past 6 months? It's stepped to another half of the year. What's your resolution?
Keep hearing ppl have got their bonuses, increment etc. But where am i now?

Enjoy weekend!
Cest la vie~

Friday, July 1, 2011


I would claim that YESTERDAY was a 'What A Day'!.
I could smell something fishy early in the morning and i would say my sixth sense was coming true.
I could foretell.
I was thinking was that bringing my luck? I guess im too superstitious. But i have to admit that it's quite true.
What i was thinking these few days is that they do make a difference and (at that point of time) they deserve it. That's the difference i could spot.
I used to proud of certain matters. But bear in the mind that you reap what you sow. No pain no gain. Everything has a reason behind it.