Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who cares?

Erm..I thought i would be alone at home. But it's not.
My thought is kinda confusing already. A, B, C, D, E to Z were going in my mind throughout the day. How should i phrase thESE? It's in plural because there are lotsa things.

I wanted to elaborate all these in mandarin but i tried my best not to do so.

The thing that is still in my mind is TRUSTWORTHINESS.
I believe that one should not rely 100% on what others say because this might eventually hurt yourself. Don't taruk hope (at least as much as you will) or think they will really do the same to return you. I always hope that i could have a friend just as good as myself *shy*. At least i know im caring (I think i shouldnt bother too much..why should i treat 'em so nice!) No one doing this to me! FML
Perhaps you will tell me treat someone as good as you can by not expecting returns!
But this is life! When others treating you not as good as they can, wat's the point of being friends? Be a stranger will do. Maybe stranger wont hurt as much as a friend will do.
Btw, it does not only apply on friends but anyone i care.

Perhaps i do not have someone to focus on. That is why i think too much and care too much!


Have a nice weekend peeps!

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