Sunday, February 28, 2010

SHITTING during interview

Have u seen people shit on TV? I mean LIVE..Here you go.
Make sure u are not eating or if you do not wanna see something gross right now, please don't load it..

Source: ChineseCari

27th February: Fly in the Fairy Tales

Tired and a bit dizzy. Just finished sorting out my stuff. Thought wanna online using wifi. However, it is not available right now. At the same time, I'm lazy so plug in the cable. Thus, imma offline blogging now.
This was my first time taking the window seat. I wanted to capture the nice view of both sandakan and kl. I did but some of them are kinda blur.
And i thought i would have to stay at the airport to online while waiting for my 'driver'. LOL..I did not manage to do so because i think the flight was delayed
(Sorry that i did not wear watch. Tat's why i'm not sure about the time).
More up-to-date post coming in..

26th February: Starry Cupid

Wanted to finish the Cupid Stupid last nite. However, i was so sleepy these few nites and went to bed quite early.
Will be on board a few hours later but i'm so lazy to pack my stuff. I wanted to stay here for as long as i want. But this won't be happened also.
Tomoro is Chap Goh Mei. But i'm not gonna celebrate it although i've longing for it. It was quite fun when i recalled the time when i threw mandarin with my frens in Amcorp Park. Missed the time when we went to 'Queen Temple'.
Anyway, might able to see my chubby cousin sister and handsome cousis brother tomoro.

26th Feb: Drifting moment

Perhaps it was the last gathering for this CNY. It was indeed an extraordinary gathering because there are three rounds which let me had a thrilled moment.
It has been already three years i have not visited Bukit Bendera which is one of the tourist spot in Sandakan. I suggested my fren to see the night view here once i met them. And they agreed without thinking twice.
As my fren has said, we should support the car-sharing-policy. Thus we all tumpang Gabs's car. This was my first time to experience 'piu yi' (drift) and also car-racing moment. Whoa!
Then we headed to Siew's house to 'hoi toi' (gamble). I really enjoyed it as i won some monetary. LOL..
Thanks my frens.

25th February: Nightmare, please go away..

These two days were a nightmare to me. I never had this experience before. One of the scariest thing in my life is to visit dentist. Yet, this scariest thing happened on me twice this week.
I thought i was safe after visited the dentist a few days ago. But i was wrong this time. I realised something wrong with my teeth when i looked at the mirror yesterday. Since then my life is full with anciety again.
I was so worried and decided that i need to visit the dentist again today as i cannot affort the anguish pain in future. Again, my heart thrump when i stepped into the room.
What happen to my life in this roaring tiger year?! What has gotten into me? It seems like there are lotsa of obstacles in my life. Speaking of which, i think i need to go 'bai bai' (pray).

My CNY is full with surprise. CLG informed me that she is gonna marry this year! How could that happen when i first got this news. I thought she was kidding me. This was indeed a surprise to me!! You did it!! LOL..
But please give me some hint next time before u wanna announce this kind of big news.. Really couldn't accept it because i didn't expect it to be so soon, at least not within this year.
Hopefully i didn't kacau her working since we smsed to chit chat for the whole afternoon. Luckily she did not tell me this red-bomb-news face to face because i'm sure will shout out from my lung.
At the same time, i was kinda sad because we will not have much time to meet up after u marry. I was like a mom who is hard to believe u r getting marry and watching you to leave with ur husband-to-be.
Anyway, congratulations CLG!! Hopefully we can have a single-chicks-trip before you marry but not your so called africa trip after 6 years. LOL...

Gosh,it was a setup! Thank you CLG..beware of your lm..LOL

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Round & Round

Something is going on my mind these two days. I wanted to blog about it but was too focused on my drama. Therefore, no mood to blog about it.
Anyway, i have already solved my stuck-on-my-mind-matter which revolving around me since yesterday. So what was
it? Maybe it was not a big deal for you. To me, it's a mind boggling matter. I'm so afraid everytime i plan to visit dentist.
I always feel like it's my first time to visit the dentist whenever i visit the dentist although i have visited the dentist since i was a child.
One should pay a visit to the dentist every half a year. As for this time, i only visited it after almost one year i think. The main reason behind it was i was too afraid of it.
I'm so happy because my teeth is in a healthy condition now. However, i've gotta spare some bravery and time to do the wisdom teeth surgery when i'm back in kl.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nineth Day Big Celebration

Happie Jade Emperor Festival especially to Hokkien lang!

For you who are not sure about this big day, it is almost similar as the big day we have on the Chinese Lunar First Day. If you wanna read more, click this. (chinese version)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finger-licking good crabbies

Taking my second-round-lunch @ 8th bridge in SimSim with my aunt before cny. It was kinda surprised because i didn't expect to take crabs which i have hungered for so long.
It was so awesome because i tagged along my cousin who is a crab kaki. Let me warn you, you MUST try out this place when u happen to visit Sdk.


oil-cooked sotong

sweet & sour crabs

Happy Birthday, Human!!

Will i celebrate Chap Goh Mei here? I could not answer that right now. But i wish i could celebrate it here. I wish i could have the chance to see lion dance in this tiger year.
I wish could stay here for longer. But i just couldn't. Will go back to kl soon. The things that could make me to be in kl are the shopping malls and the internet connection.
Dentist is so far yet so near. I need to visit dentist before i go back to KL this time. I'm so afraid of that since i'm a child. Oh pls...
Anyway, Happy Human Day! Human man sui!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Huat la!!

If you have a superstitious thought, this will surely work on you. Pick the right color during CNY will enable u to assemble your luck.

it's supposed to be fantastic..BUT

Fire crackers can be seen everywhere during cny. But the fire crackers in this video would be a bit blurry as i've taken it using my phone. I did not take my cam as i thought the fire crackers would be ended soon. Here is the video.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today is the day

Finally,it has come to the long-awaited secondary school gathering. As always, it's so happy to come the the enjoyable moment when everything has been done. However, the process is always been a hard time. Like you have to go through a long journey before u are able to see the charming sunset.Sorry, maybe it is a lousy example but this is what's going on in my mind now.Transport, time are always the two main obstacles.Hopefully everything will be going smooth today!Ciao


Today was a busy day for me. Actually i wish i had a busy yet satisfied day. In fact, it is not. Went out early this morning to 'bai nian'. It was really a nice small gathering with my frens as we gossiped about others. In other words, we updated each others with recent stuff. LoL.After that, attended my fren's open house after had lunch with my relatives. I was so looking forward to meet my relatives. However, it was kinda weird and we seldom chat. Maybe it was a generation gap.Next disappoinment was i did not gamble at my fren's open house even though i had look forward to this outings since a long time ago. Hopefully the gathering on tomoro will be a joyful day for all of us.Nite.

Chinese Lunar Year

Happie Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day!Woke up in this boisterous festive day! Dong dong ciang and mercun can be heard early in the morning.I had an unusual cny compared to last time no matter in KL or in sdk. Speaking of sdk, i didn't go to church early in the morning for the first day of CNY. Not rushing my parents to pay a visit to my relatives as i'm watching dramas.Anyway, i wish i could pay a visit to Pu Ji Shi (a well known temple in Sdk) during nite time.Going out soon.Ciao

13th February -Offline blogging: the day before CNY

13th February -Offline blogging: the day before CNY
Fire crackers are lighting up the sky tonite. Lion dance could be seen here. My cny mood is a bit fluctuated these few days. I could feel a strong sense of cny atmosphereyesterday but not today. It seems like an ordinary night although it's just a few hours to Chinese Lunar Year. I felt like CNY is still a long way to go although i just had my reunion dinner with my family and also aunt and uncle who came from KK.I should be watching the CNY-special tv programme but I'm not. I'm here to blog. I wish i could post this immediately once i've done with it. Btw, I've gotta clean up my table which looks so messy with the gadgets. Handphones, mask, supplements, cables etc are dispersing on my study table.I had my new phone yesterday. It should be a surprise for me but it's not. I did not wanted this phone badly. Anyway, thanks to mommy. I missed my previous phone because it's features which i couldn't find in my new midnight black. Although they carry the same megapixel and the same kind of phone, but the differences are so obvious.And i just love my previous phone.But i have to let go the old phone due to the network problem. It ended it's three years life span yesterday. I gotta love my sleek phone.
Start counting down: 2hours18min to the year of TIGER..Roarrrrr

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happie CNY!!

Thanks to the staffs in Acer Service Centre for allowing me to stay here online after solving my problem.




Thursday, February 11, 2010

CNY must-have

This is a must-have savoury food during CNY. Mommy fried the arrowhead few days ago to be given as the gift to friends and relatives and also for our ownself.

Align Centerpeel of the skin and clean them

peel it


Random Thoughts

Gosh..I've three handphones in front of me right now. I'm not showing off but i'm testing the network of my phone. It seems to be my handphone's problem rather than the
line's problem. Anyway, thanks to the maXis service centre staffs who guided me to troubleshoot the problem.
I was wondering why there are so many problems occurred since i've came back. Once i've thought is it the scanner in the airport causing the problem. Hopefully it is not.LOL
Shopping for CNY is indeed a very joyful outing for most of us. However, i'm already back in sdk and hardly do any shopping here. I just seem like no shopping mood here and i MISS ONEU, Sunway Pyramid, Mid-Valley, Sg Wang, Times Square and
Pavilion. I just wanna join ViVien to hang out in Pavilion when she asked me out this morning.

Speaking of my new hair syle, i missed the day when i had color and hair spa. My hair was heavenly smooth. Thus, i liked to touch my hair all the time whenever i could.
However, the degree of smoothness of my trease has decrease. I felt different when i wash it. I thought it was dry and the texture of my
hair was totally not the same as before.
I was thinking why my hair could stand for a few days without feeling itchy on my scalp when i have hair wash in salon. As always, i like to get my hair wash in salon but i dislike the way they wash my hair.
I hate it because they like to use their nails to scratch my hair. You know what, i realised that many aunties like to get their hair wash in this way.

Yeah, there are few more days to CNY. Have a great reunion nite!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Year, New Style

This was the things that supposedly posted last nite. However, i could only upload it at this moment due to internet connection problem. This (non-instant blogging) will last until i go back to KL, i guess.
I just couldn't wait to blog although i do not have internet access right now.So , i'm using notepad to jolt down what's on my mind in case i have forgotten.
I'm so excited at this moment and i think every words here could express my emotion. It's so LIVE.

I did my hair coloring today and I'm so not get used to the color. I like to feel my hair. I like to touch my hair. I like to hand-comb my hair.
It's even smoother than the time i did rebonding. Everything has got its reason. Because i did the HAIR SPA which costs me quite a lot. ( I like the texture of my hair!! Smooth!!)
But i could feel the dryness of the hair on the top. Anyway, I wish i could look fairer with this new hair color.
This was my first time to dye my hair and have hair spa. On top of all, this was also my first time to spend so much on my hair. Broke!!! arghhh...
I bet most of us couldn't resist the allure of CNY. One will lose their rational when this festive season is around the corner. One would splurge to dress up to welcome the new lunar year.
This also signifies that we leave all the 'suei'(bad) things behind and welcome a brand new year.

FML!! maXis, u are really giving me a HAPPY new year!!

I am really beh tahan the network here ady!!!! Initially, i tot it was my handphone's problem. But it was not!!!I could receive call when i was outside.
From the first day i came home last week, i've already noticed the network problem. Just that i didn't know it could last for so many days. This was the fifth day!! The same problem is still on-going.
I was telling my brother that maxis has a quite good network and coverage in kL. Who knows..I have been facing network problem once i set foot in Sandakan. The coverage here is like i were living in a mountain or forest where i couldn't get any signal.
Most of my calls have turned into missed call. Yet, I was not sure who they are since there were no name displaying but only the number. Worse still, i need to repeatedly send the same msg in order to reach my friends. So pathetic and ridiculous. This is the first ever terrible network i've encountered so far.
Sometimes, i even need to change a few positions in order to send out my message! Frens, sorry for so hard for u guys to reach me! Blame the farking network!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It makes a Difference

Had a great outing with db in Dec last year. However, great moment is always not lasting longer.
This is my first experience to dine in Italiannese@Sunway. Undoubtedly, Italiannese is always a great place for party or gathering because they offer a large portion of meal and free flow of beverage. So you can drink and eat till you drop! LOL....

Xmas tree during the festive season

fine menu design

olive oil and pepper

HERE comes the main dish!!

Angel Hair Pomodoro with chicken
Angel hair pasta with chopped tomatoes and sauteed with garlic in a light tomato-basil sauce

Ratings: (Sunway Italiannese)
Food: 2.8/5
Service: 2.5/5

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Im not BRAVE

I wanted to blog about the GREEat outing last few weeks. I ended up to post it by now after going thru so many obstacles. Sounds so complicated also. LOL..Nando's was having a promotion on the hearty set which costs less than 20 bucks per pax.

I shud pick the old chips rather than the mixed vegie. Other than that, it shud be okay.

Food: 2.7/5
Service: 2.5/5