Saturday, July 31, 2010

Largest Sky Screen

Im gonna bring you to Suzhou for the very first official China entry.
However, my tour guide always mentioned this when i was in Jiangnan-上有天堂,下有苏杭 (it means Suzhou & Hangzhou are wonderful places, just like heaven). I was glad that these two places were included in my itinerary. And you know what, i miss the Suzhou tour guide a lot!! :(

What's so special in Suzhou? Pretties? You got it partially right then..
Have you ever heard of "Sky Screen"?
We visited Suzhou Times Square which has the world's largest Atrium landscape with the "sky Screen", the world largest LCS screen which replaces the former largest screen in Beijing and Las Vegas became No.1 in the world.

Unfortunately, it has showcase during special occasions only. Therefore, this is one of the disappointment i've got. It's out of my expectation. I was so amazed by the sky screen when i first looked at the picture. However, it was totally different when i reached there.

Let the pictures do some talking.

on the way to Suzhou Times Square

Reached! It's a high end shopping mall

building opposite to the Times Square

Here is the Sky Screen i've mentioned above

Some buildings around the Times Square

Bridge surrounded by scenic view

elaborate infrastructure


Wat are you doing in this cloudy Saturday?
Im doing nothing today.
Let's sharing my friday's nite with you before i proceed to my shanghai entry.
Brought my family to Genting yesterday and experienced quite a few 'first time' just in one night.
First time driving there which i normally will be rejected to do so.
Second first time was that i was in a terrible situation when drove home. WHY? I was damn sleepy and tired. But i forced myself not to doze off and i knew that it was terribly dangerous.
On the other hand, my wish was granted when i stepped into the Chin Swee temple which i had longed for so long. FYI, there will be an entry for this. Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get the Pearl

As promised, here come my first china trip entry. Actually i felt a bit tiring after coming back from china. Not in the mood for blogging as well. Yet, i wanna share my trip with you, you and you. Let's start with a brief one.

Pearl Tower


im glad that i didn't get a mp3 which i tot it would be best for killing time.
Actually you don't need the mp3 or psp or watsoever. Because there are lotsa stuff to entertain you in the aircarft.

Finally....reach PuDong Airport

Pass the immigration

lunch time (Actually it has already over the lunch time. Yet, we hadn't taken lunch yet)

Kungfu isn't bad...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

shoo shoo

Away for 9days.
Actually i wanted to blog when i was in Shanghai airport yesterday. However, i couldn't open my page! FML
Wanted to sort out my pictures. But i didnt bring my pendrive out.
"How's your trip?"-this is what my frens asked me.
This would be my reply. "SO-SO"
I fell sick the next day i was in China. I think the auntie spread the virus to me as she started to cough when she got in the bus. Imagine i was the one sitting right behind her. Therefore, im the one who first got the virus whenever she cough.
Below is my "sick chain":
sore throat-->cough--> ulcer-->flu

Anyhow, the next posts will be related to dining in china, expo, tourist spots in china.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


*wiping sweat*
Almost done with the packing. Indeed, it was quite fast considering spending less than half and hour to do that.

Been looking for clothes and watches today. However, it was a failed mission. Really gonna save some money in order to get the one i like which costs me like..ermm..a lot.

Thank you my dear for spending your precious time (i know you were rushing your report!) to celebrate my burfday in advance! And i miss OxyMask. :P

Thanks my dear frens for your prezzies; nevertheless, most of them were out of expectation. -.-
I bet there will be blank promises happening around. Let's see.

Yet, it was a good present. But i didn't expect it to be what it supposed to be. WATEVA, thank you.

It has another 6 hours to go before i cruise along the highway heading to KLIA.

Bye, Malaysia.

Happie birthday to me.
Happie birthday to my frens whom im not able to greet you on that day itself.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Seafood feast cum bay watch

Remember my post on Gold Coast Sepang? How to settle your meal if you are already there? Craving for seafood? Here is the place to go-Tanjung Sepat. Planned to go Ocen Restaurant which is darn famous and been reviewed by quite a lot of bloggers. However, HOWEVER is the only word tat came up now. The shop was closed!!! No luck..First, too crowded. Second, closed shop. Argh!

Fine. Tried Baywatch Restaurant which is nearby Ocen Restaurant. But i wouldn't recommend this place.

Here come the signature dish

菜埔红皂鱼 (cantonese: choi bou hong zou yu)
This is recommended by the famous tv host-Ah Xian

cereal fried mantis shrimp (cantonese: lai liu ha)

Egg yolk fried crab
( i would prefer something fresh instead of this)

Rice wine LALA

Oyster Omelette


Foods: 2.6/5
Service: 2.7/5
Ambience: 2.7/5

Friday, July 16, 2010


I wish i could have lotion with right nao, My fingers are so dry.
There are a few things in my shopping list now. Thinking to get them tomoro. But it gotta be postponed to Sunday. Plug, shades, watch etc etc etc..meaning there are a lot actually.
Anticipating the outing with my dear~~ *clap clap*
It has been a long long time since i last saw my dear...

Few days to go.
Am i excited now? Not really.
Thinking to let it be because i just wish the time could just stop tickling.
Gonna face the reality after i get back on track.

Watch the SunSet

Revisited Gold Coast Sepang few days ago. The timing was just so right to see the sun set. I took another road which i think it's easier than the KLIA's. It was from Klang. What you need to do is just follow Banting after Klang. All the way straight until you reach Tanjung Sepat. Then, you will reach Gold Coast Sepang in another 15 minutes from Tanjung Sepat.

I wish i were holding a DSLR the moment i captured the sunset. The scenery was awesome!

Tat's the Chalet!

The path leads you to the hall of the resort


The path leads you to the Chalet!
Imagine the palm trees and their chalets are divided into five trunks.
Align Center

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fuel prices go up AGAIN

According to malaysiakini, both petrol and diesel prices will go up by RM0.05 effective midnight tonight. That’s pretty much all their brief news piece says, but if all three types of fuel are hiked that would mean new prices of RM1.85 per liter for RON95, RM2.10 per liter for regulated RON97 and RM1.75 per liter for Euro 2M diesel.

Go to fill up the petrol tonite before 12am!

Spread it out!

I bet the petrol stations will have a long queue tonite!!

I've got mine. What about you?

Remember this?

Came across the Johnson&Johnson post in other's blog. This reminded me about my free sample! :P Was thinking when will i get it. Finally, i got it yesterday! It was just the right timing. And im going to bring you along with me next week. Crossing the boundary and reaching the attention of the world.

Thanks J&J for your generosity. Spending this bucks to getting us free sample! Imagine there are ten thousands samples to be given out. How much have they spent? Do the calculation.

On top of that, J&J has attached the 70% discount voucher together with the sample!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FREE doughnut!!

Krispy Kreme is celebrating their 73rd anniversary! They are giving out FREE doughnuts as a return to their customers. Walk in at 11am, 3pm & 7pm to get their signature doughnut, Original Glazed.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweep away your BLUES

Do you feel sleepy now?
Or still thinking about the World Cup match?
Anyhow, World Cup fever has over and YOU, YOU & YOU gotta get back to what you have to do.
Chill away your monday blues with LeeHom's new song. The name of the song is kinda special.


Strained eyes.
But insisted to keep it open. Not because of the World Cup final but to blog and also to do mask before i get some sleep.
Looking for watches and been trying a few. Not so nice (at least it won't amaze me so much) but damn expensive. >.<
Lost in cheras for more than 1 hour. FML Yet, not sure how to reach there for the very next time. FML twice.

OK..Spain or Netherland..Paul vs Parrot

Saturday, July 10, 2010

the time

The time has almost come. But i was wondering will the good things happen?
It's easy to make a promise. But it's always hard to keep the promise.
Let's see these promises will come true or not.
Finger crossed.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Who will be the champion of the World Cup 2010?

I was wondering why this OCTOPUS was so famous? So, i googled a bit. Hence, wat i got was this

A LAME one!

Well, speaking of this "genius" octopus, here attached a video to show his prediction.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One bottle sold every 4 seconds

Ever thought of getting Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion for yourself or for your loved one?
Tempted to try this lotion which claims that one bottle is sold for EVERY 4 seconds? Amazed by these figures? Believe it or not? Look at the video and decide whether you wanna get it for FREE.

click here for free sample

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Craving for Bak Kut Teh?

Need to fill the stomach with some nice dish after the Scholl spree. The nearest place to get yummilicious food is to SS2. So, headed to chow yang Cheow Sang restaurant for the bak kut teh.

What is this?
Taa daa~~~
Signature Pouched Fish

here comes the dish of the day-bak kut teh

The sauce of the signature pouched fish was not bad. Too bad i couldn't take spicy. Otherwise, i would have finished the sauce. LOL!! However, their bak kut teh was just so-so.

Food: 2.7/5
Service: 2.6/5
Ambience: 2.6/5

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scholl Haul..BUT not mine

Never been to DKSH before. And today was my first. As usual. it was jamme with car and also people.T_____T Actually went there for Scholl warehouse sales. But there is another sales going on. So, went to the other as well. Reached there around 12pm and some of the sizes of the shoes have already gone! You will be able to see those customers carrying a few boxes of Scholl on their way back. I was thinking "so cheap meh?" when i saw this scene. You will know when you read on..

Some of the cars even TRIPLE park!

Ladies shoes as low as rm70

Ppl are peeking to grab cheap stuff!

See! Lotsa stocks awaiting

Do expect something like this. But i think this shud be considered as the top nice sandals.
Selling at Rm70

Haul~~ But not mine T__T
I hope Charles and Keith sales is coming soonn..really soonnnn!!