Saturday, November 21, 2009

Act cool =/= politeness

Encoutered bad internet line just now..Finally the line has become smooth..But it wasn't enjoyable compared to the first day i set my foot here in Jesselton because the line was not very good. Anyway, i managed to go online. Thanks God. I couldn't survive without internet.
I'm thinking to start up an online business. However, my first concern is the internet access because i'm afraid that i couldn't go online 24/7 like what i'm facing right now.

Okay. This post contains solely words but no pic.
I was wondering all these while: Am i the one who is polite or they are being rude? I met up quite a few distant relatives once i came back. Of course, i would greet the elders by calling them auntie or uncle if i happen to meet them. Or else i would greet them with a smile if they happen to look at me (this happens when i do not know their title).
However, some ppl are so used to act cool. They didn't even look at you when they first meet up with u in certain places (Maybe they did but i did not notice it). If you are a child, i would make up an excuse saying that you are still a child and feels shy. Indeed, you are an adult. You are mature enough to have your own thought and i bet you don't need others to make assumption for you every moment.
Thanks to my parents who thought me to greet when we meet someone. :)

Sungkai Hot Spring is coming in next..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Wall in Malaysia

Introducing the Chinese temple in Pangkor Island- Fu Lin Kong which you should pay a visit to when you step into the island. It is one of the famous temple in Pangkor island with exquisite environment. There are various Buddhist statues inside the temple where alcoves and ponds can be found. Looking forward to visit the Great Wall in China? You could find a mini ones beside this temple.

The style of the architecture of any Chinese temples is more or less the same which has the dragons.

Other than gettin the blesses from the god, tourists can proceed to this pond to make their wish

'Shou' which means life span. It is believed that the turtle is able to lengthen the life span.

Numerous rock paintings can be found outside the temple as well

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pangkor - Part 2

Speaking of the Pangkor trip, there are two parts- the ship and the factory.
Part I - Here are some of the pictures where we saw along the way to the factory which processes the dry sotong and fish.

Wonder what are the purposes of these ply wood? They are the papan where they use to build a ship.
the process of building a ship

Taadaa, the outcome!

Part II - the factory which processes mainly the sotong and fishes

the lady is cleaning the small fish
then, the fish is to be dried

later, the dried fish is to be compressed
ready for packaging

Here comes the familiar scene. These are the dried-sugar-coated-sotong
An array of dried sotong on the rack
ps: this is a must-go place when u pay a visit to Pangkor as you can see the process of preparing the sotong which you normally eat. What so good about it, you can try before you buy.
But you do not necessary to buy a bulk of souvenirs from this factory as there are a lot of stores out there which sell the same thing as well.

Hustle Bustle

Wanted to blog for the past few days. Again, i faced the internet access problem. So wanted to update every bit of my life but as i said no internet access. I thought i could go online when i'm back to Sandakan. Still, the modem of the pc has some problem and i couldn't go online.
Well, wanted to visit the newly opened Secret Recipe @ Sandakan. But there was too crowded just now.. Ended up at Jesselton Cafe now. I'm happy with the line right now..hehe

I miss kl so much. I would be fantastic if i could stay in kl for a few days before i came back to sandakan. There are so many sales on going no, Say, Christian Dior, Kanebo, Charles and Keith etc....

Friday, November 6, 2009


I've been isolated from the cyber world for quite some time..Finally i've got the internet access right now so that i can have a quite blogging now. But you know what, i curi other's line..hahaha..thanks to the nice man who didn't secure the internet access.
And i miss my frens a lot..
take care guys