Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer is here again..Get your shades to look cool

Reebonz is about transporting you into a world of pleasant surprises − a place where discounted luxury is not an oxymoron. We bring you straight into the world of private sales, with exclusive members only deals.

This is not an advertorial.
Dreaming of getting a Gucci bag? *yes, dreaming* But you could achieve your dreams by joining REEBONZ. Although the price is not that cheap, but it's definitely cheaper than the retail price. Why not have a peek?

Browsing through their European shades. Craving for few of them..Argh..
Gotta save some bucks to get all the things in my wish list..

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

Christian Dior

Tom Ford Oversized

Emporio Armani


2 comments: said...

fuiyooh... i m not that rich of buying branded spec... my friend bought a gucci spec which is really expensive to me.... a few thousands...

Irene said...

I think you can invest on that if you really wear it often..
I tried Coach spec tat day, it's definitely more comfortable. You can feel it immediately compared to those pasar malam one..Haha..

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