Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer is here again..Get your shades to look cool

Reebonz is about transporting you into a world of pleasant surprises − a place where discounted luxury is not an oxymoron. We bring you straight into the world of private sales, with exclusive members only deals.

This is not an advertorial.
Dreaming of getting a Gucci bag? *yes, dreaming* But you could achieve your dreams by joining REEBONZ. Although the price is not that cheap, but it's definitely cheaper than the retail price. Why not have a peek?

Browsing through their European shades. Craving for few of them..Argh..
Gotta save some bucks to get all the things in my wish list..

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

Christian Dior

Tom Ford Oversized

Emporio Armani


Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's the SALES you can't resist!

Should i be happy or mood down? There are so many warehouse sales going on this weekend. Say, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear 2010, Billabong, La Senza, Coach, Crocs, Benefit etc.
I was like "huh, benefits again?" when i first got to see the information in
I have been thinking of this sales since dunno when because i missed out the previous one. i wanted to have a look la...but i don't think i can make it because it only lasts for two days, that is, today and tomoro.

Again, i am so tempted to go out today la... As i wanna go for Crocs and Benefits.
Anyone pls update me if you are going....


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CROCS warehouse sales..Get ready before you go

I was not a big fan (not a fan as well) of Crocs all this while. To be honest, i dislike it because i dun like their design. I felt like something wrong when i saw people wearing it although i knew that it's not cheap to won one.
No urge for me to make appearance in this warehouse sales although i have always craved for apparel warehouse sales.
I changed my mind after i've seen Crocs FB is intoxicating us with the their models!!! Arghh.. Stop it!!

First, it comes with the sneak peek preview:

Next, they tempted you with few models. Btw, i heart this. This is the one which alluring me to go......

Heard that it's original price is 2++ and it's only selling at rm35!!! Crazy@@@ i wanna gooo...

Here are some TIPS you should know before going to get Crocs:

CROCS should not fit like other shoes.

They should fit very loosely. The sides of your foot should not really touch the sides of the shoe. Your toes should never make contact with the front of the shoe.

Once you have centered your foot on the foot-bed:

You should have about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of space in front of your toes, behind your heel and when you lift the strap you should be able to comfortably get your finger between the strap and heel. In other words the fit should be “loose”.

I know that this goes against everything that you have ever been used to in a shoe, but these are the parameters that the shoe was designed to be worn under.

For more details, click here.

Week 9 (a): Road Trip with My Broadband


Whoa! Nuffnang is so kind...Cuz they are giving me two surprises today! Although i expected one of it already. But why am i saying it as a surprise because i didn't expect that they will credit week 8(a) and (b) at a same time. Haha..

Next, it was the new Instant Cash Blogging post for this week! Click "Refresh" and the latest one has come out!! Hooray!! I have been doing this action for so many times since monday! It was kinda torturing though. Haha.. i bet some of you might have the same feeling as me. I hate waiting..After all, it is worth it when you have been credited.

Looking at this mind went blank for one second. As i have not experienced it before. Perhaps, im not those who are able (yes! although i like to travel a lot!) to getaway from the hustle-bustle city often just like one of the Malaysia famous bloggers- Ringo.
But for those who like are always outstation, you really need to get a portable broadband to keep yourself on the cyber world. Be it chatting or checking your email.

Imagine you were in Redang island enjoying your cocktail at the beach. Got your fren's call telling you that AirAsia is having a great slash sales...Does not sound attractive enough? Okay..they are giving out FREE seat. I bet you would be hoping that u can online immediately to get your seat. So, Wiggy is what you need at the moment.

Have u missed out any episodes of Project Alpha Season 2?
Here they are..
Epi 8

Epi 9

Epi 10

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Jalan-Jalan cari Makan

Had a great Saturday with my lovely dearest and so-called (erm..she used to call herself so) cute "ex-roommate". Why am i putting the open and close quote? Because we are not really roommate and she so wanted to claim that we are roommate. LOL

Straight to shopping after having my test and tunch(lunch+tea break) My very own pun. LoL
It was definitely spontaneous decision. Haha.. Glad to meet monkey since we met erm..about two months ago.

Persuaded her to try few garments during our window shopping spree. I heart this blouse. However, i couldn't find my size. Aiks.

mua & monkey

After that was jalan-jalan cari makan time. What Gor told me came to my mind while i was cariING makan. It's William's Corner at Kelana Jaya. Due to miscommunication while looking for the right direction, i was like in a myth in KJ. Turning here and there. Sigh.
Eventually i got my way there. Don't expect it to be a cafe or restaurant when u first look at the name. It's NOT. It's a mamak.
(it's related to murni if im not mistaken)

mamak stall at roadside

which offering a variety of foods which is considered expensive for a mamak.

Here is the spaghetti i ordered. I was kinda sad because there is no more pesto when i reached.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its time to CHANGE

Saw this right after i posted my random piece.
In fact, it's so true. It sounds easy. However, it's so hard when it comes to action.
Anyway, just have a look to make you feel better.
It's time to make a turn.



source: facebook

Monday, April 26, 2010

scratching my head

I was a bit down after knowing more.
That is why ppl always say better to close one eyes and dont ask anything more.
I felt that im the odd one.
a resounding W-H-Y?

Looking at the Genting lightings. It's so far away. Yet, it's so clear tonight.

Can the time stop here? Im so afraid to move forward. Life in incomplete without ...........
( fill in the blanks )
I hope I could rewind the time. Back to myself.


I know this piece is just so random.
Just like putting the puzzle back to their own place to complete it.

Finally, Jay Chou's new song is out!!

Jay's new song has just released!!
To all Jay's fans, come on...catch up and rock with Jay!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Be a mature man!!!

Men..please read this!! If you do not know chinese, ask someone to translate it for you. Crack you mind and think about it! Which category are you in?





5. 男人总是对你讲谁谁谁的不好,谁家又有什么事了等等各种八卦

6.男人会让你给他做饭洗衣敲 ,偶尔为你做几道味道一般的饭菜,还会指责你的毛病。



9.男人会没事拉上一大帮朋友去酒吧夜店玩,然后很HIGH 的玩,和美女眉来眼去。




13. 男人遇到困难的时候会问你怎么办。




17. 男人会和你抢电视机遥控器。



成熟的男人喜欢 着你转,然后说你怎么这么轻,让你不要减肥随心所意。





25. 男人的爱经不住考验,缺乏的是深厚和执着。





source: facebook

Easy-peasy? No way

Untuk melahirkan bakal pemimpin negara yang cemerlang....This is a typical answer for a future-to-be teacher when asked why they wanna be a teacher official answer besides to get more holidays and more benefits etc).

I'm pretty sure that your elders will tell u "Ah boy/ ah girl, it's good to be a teacher. Good benefits, high salary, more holidays, stable income, bla bla bla.." It sounds cool. But this sounds nothing to those who are not interested in teaching. Plus, it's not easy, meaning it's HARD, yes... difficult to get those teaching courses like KPLI or DPLI if you wanna be a government school teacher. Why? Okay..Here are some of the reasons.
1. There are thounsands and thousands people applying for the course and it is opened for 600 succesful applicants only. This figure might sound huge to you. But in fact, it's not tat many as so many people are hunting for it.
2. You will never know whether there is any place reserved for our Bumiputra just like the housing thingy.
3. You will never know the reason why you are being rejected for the interview session.
4. I think the answer to test your personality is quite subjective. So how are they going to define whether you are right or wrong? You will never know.

I have taken both KPLI and DPLI. Im decided to share all this with you because i know how desperate when u couldnt find much information about these thingy when you are about to sit for the test.
Don't panic.. Here im gonna share my bit with you.
When you are offered to take the Mtest or MedSI, try to get the reference books in Popular.
But there are some differences of the format if you sit for MedSI. As there are only two sections in the reference book but you will get four sections in the test. As for the Mtest, the format sticks to the reference book. (updated until April 2010).

Besides, the rules and regulations for Mtest is not as strict as MedSI.
You will need to dress up in formal for both of the test. But for MedSI, there is a guideline for you. Below are some of it.
1. Rambut tidak boleh diwarnakan
2. Baju mesti berlengan panjang atau paras siku
3. Sandal/selipar tidak dibenarkan.

I was so patuh kepada peraturannya. I ended up getting a baju berlengan panjang, mewarnakan rambut ke hitam. Eventually, i think i should not do all those stuff and wasting my money to get my black hair! Some of the candidates do not stick to the guidelines. I was wondering wat's wrong with one of the candidate. She did not wear a long blouse. Fine. Dyed her hair (it's highlighted one), wore a jeans, wore a sandal. All failed!

Speaking of the test, i would say it's not hard (knowledge based) for MedSI because it's all to test your personality and traits. However, it's so hard for you to decide the right answer. To me, it's so subjective. Do expect some questions like 'Saya pernah mencintai seseorang'. So, wat's your options to that? Sangat tidak tepat, tidak tepat, tepat, sangat tepat?

But for Mtest, it has 4 sections. You are not only have to be tested on your personality, but also your knowlodge on Maths, Malay and English.

contoh soalan Mtest

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It has been one month plus after my convocation. I missed the time when i wore blazer. I look so smart laaaaaaa...*shy*. I should have walked into Louis Vuitton @ KLCC on tat day. Arghh
That was my first time receiving so quite a few bouquets of flowers in a day. Perhaps throughout a year as well.=.=

my scroll (inside empty one by the time i hold it..keke)

Bouquets of fresh flowers

taken after 1 month...but they have become like this after 1+ days.

Week 8 (b): My Dream Destination


Have u watched the first three episodes of Project Alpha Season 2? Wanting for more? Haa..Here comes the fourth episode!! Enjoy it...

Epi 5~

Epi 6~

I have come across quite a lot of pictures which taken in Japan. You know what, it's now sakura season in Japan. If you wanna immerse in sakura, go there in April. I bet it would be one of the nicest memory in your life. If you are a fan of Cheeserland, you will have seen those nice sakura pics which Ringo took in Japan. So good la.. always can travel one..*envy*

For the time being, there are some destinations which i have been longing for. Paiseh, im so tamak... Say, Hong Kong which is famous for its EGG TART, awesome night view, Disneyland etc; Taiwan which is famous for it's delight and our neighbour country-Thailand. There is a common feature for the destinations i mentioned above. That is, they are SHOPPING PARADISE!!!!
I think i would heart for Taiwan if i could only pick one because i wanna go to they pharmacy and 101 mall. Above all, the drooling part is the pasar malam in Taiwan!!

Actually, i went to Matta fair in March. However, it was a very spontaneous decision and i ended up not knowing where i should go. Because you gotta do some homework before you go to the fair to get a fair deal. Or else why going to Matta fair? Unless u just wanna jalan jalan..
Just hoping to go to the coming one with some preparation.

Speaking of this, I hope i could join my parents to Kuching and perhaps Brunei this June. However, i just couldn't due to some unforeseen circumstances. Arghh.. i wanna go laaaaa....

What are you waiting for? Plan your holiday and getaway.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Planning to do revision tonite. But since there was no one at home then changed my plan.
Actually i wanted to do some house chores after taking my bath...
However, since im not alone at home then just forget about it..Because i feel good when there is no one at home when i mop the floor.
I was kinda sad when i first told miss cath about my lift incident just now. Because she thought the incident was not funny but she thought it was funny.
Anyway, thanks to lily mah who made my day! Thanks for your concern.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 8 (a): My Version of Grooming Tips


Yeah.. The instant cash blogging has finally come out!! I thought it would be coming out ard 6 pm like last time.. Keep the nuffnangers waiting every minute and second. It just came out and i was having problem in looking for episodes 2 and 3. Guess what, you need to embed the two videos before you submit your post. But the two videos have not come out yet! So, just wait for it!! Main-main tunggu saja ler..

While tungguING, let's me share about some grooming tips here.
I don't actually spend lot of time dressing myself before going out everytime. It also depends on my mood. If i don't feel like dressing up and have no idea which clothes i should pick, then i just casually dress up by matching a tee with jeans. I would spend at least half an hour to get myself ready if i have to go for some special occasions like dinner or club..

Just a quick one to share with you (girls):
- put on BB creams which can give you a flaw perfection look.
- pun on some eyeshadow and mascara
- dip some lip gloss
- get a pony hair if you do not wanna style your hair or you can just curl you hair a bit to look wild.
- in hot weather, not to forget your personal hygiene,use antiperspirant to avoid odor.
- lastly, tap your favourite perfume to smell nice!

Overall, dress up in a clean and comfortable manner. Do not follow the trend blindly.

Let's warm up by watching the Project Alpha Season 2 official trailer....

Ready for Epi one? Taadaa!!

Want for more?

Wondering how Kenny Sia's gym room looks like?

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feels Good

Imported-cars-fans, be it Hyundai or Lamborghini. Planning anything for your weekend? I bet the car exhibition in One Utama would sound attractive to you. I was kinda excited when i first stepped into 1u yesterday because there were a few Lambo showcased at the new wing. However, my post today is not about the Lambo but is about LANCER AND FAIRLADY.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where is my SOUL?

I love you mov'in mov'
I wish i could be in Poppy with my frens. Dancing and getting high.
Too bad..I was just dreaming.
I supposed to join them. I was so determined to join them and even discussed where to meet up with my fren. However, unforeseen circumstances happened. Eventually, i had my Date Night. My hard cold body was in the cinema but my heart and soul were already in the club.


Listening to Landy's 刺猬. Nice song. But it's so sad."我想我没那么坚强 每个女孩其实一样". I LIKE THIS.
I was thinking i was kinda right to make such a decision to mind my own business but not yours anymore. This will make me feel better. I have proven it twice after tonite.
I would have split my soul.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spend rm10 to cut ur hair by ACutAbove

Rm10 to cut or trim your hair by ACutAbove.. Where to get such a damn cheap price!?!? Well, it's a charity drive-cutrathon by ACutAbove@Sunway. I didn't even remember it when i reached Sunway, I just realised it until the time i saw the crowd at the OrangeZone. People thronged there after 2pm.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Malaysia Police Boleh!!

Just came across a video about bribing in Chinesecari.
I think it would be interesting! Let's watch it..(i haven't seen it yet when i posted this because the line is quite unstable, it took some time to load @@)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week7: No Strings Attached


Without looking at the requirement, there is a lot of space of imagination for you when you just looking at the title of this week's instant cash blogging. No strings attached. Hmm..What is the first things tat come to your mind? To me, G-string came to my mind when i first saw the topic. *shy* Don't ask me why. It just came to my mind spontaneously.

See!!! No string attached. I couldn't imagine how could one wear this and get comfortable with it.

It is this thing!!!

Obviously, it would be something related to THIS. YES..P1 Wimax wiggy. With no string attached, you can enjoy more Internet fun anywhere, anytime you like.
Imagine, get a phone call from your friend when you are outstation. Perhaps asking you for a tour, say to Hong Kong which is only rm139 all-in-fares by AirAsia. Wanting to go online to make a booking but no internet connection with you? You would be so desperate for a Wiggy.
With just as low as rm59, you can go online anywhere, anytime as i mentioned earlier.

Or maybe there is this case when you are waiting for your fren in a no wifi shop with your laptop but you can't go online due to the unavailable of internet connection. Wiggy would come handy to you and you would love it sooooo muchie.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


My eyes are sooo tired but still, i insist to blog right now. *stubborn*
Had a great day with simmie today. Broke my Shopping Record. Took my lunch and dinner in the same mall and spent my whole day in the shopping mall. Wait.. let me count. Cool...It's almost 10 hours lepaking in the mall. Awesome.
It was such a pity tat we couldn't have next round in Luna Bar.
Thinking whether i will join them this Friday? Who knows? God Knows...
So sleepy ady..

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Fed up..
Tomoro is just a Sunday okay..
Everyone seems like very busy with their own life.
FML..i thought it would easy to date someone on a sunday since it's not a schooling day or working day. This was a challenge for me indeed.
Was tempted to go Luna Bar tonite but it ended at Coco Banana. Again, i was not able to join.
And there is no plan scheduled for tomoro. So, be it.

Beauty Up Your Life

It's always good to try the products before splurge a lump sum on it and eventually realise that the skincare does not suit you. It's a waste of money DEFINITELY. You can do so if you have thousand and thousand bucks with you. And you just don't give a damn on it. Well, it's up to you.
For me, i will always wanna try the skincare if they provide samples. Be it the luxury ones or the normal brands. What i wanna see is whether they work on my skin or not.
Other than going out to redeem it in the store, NOW, you can have a way to redeem the samples without going out your doorstep. You can have Only Beauty to pamper you. No kidding.

Get to know Today's sample

Not knowing which brand of cosmetic you should go for? Here comes the review in Only Beauty while will clear part of your clouds.

Review of cosmetics

Wanna share your experience or get the live updates from others? Only Beauty serves you with their forum so that all the beauty kakis can chit chat in their forum.

one-to-many forum

Where to get the latest piece of warehouse sales? Only Beauty get you ready for it.

Information on warehouse sales

Wanna go for a date but not knowing which makeup suits you best? Or wanna know the tips to get your smokey eyes done in just 5 minutes? Only Beauty saves you from this.

tips on make up

What are you still waiting for? You deserve it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Crapping alone

Im refreshed! Just taken my bath and had hairspa.
Friday nite, partay nite. This slogan is no longer applied to me tonite.
I was alone at home at this moment and the next moment as well. (
Actually i had a date to partay with mua frens tonite. However, i just couldnt make it. I wish i could be there with u guys as well.
Have a great nite!

By-a-Waterfall feel skincare

Just update myself with CinCity, fourfeetnine and Cheerserland. They have done with review on Haba Labo. But im not going to do so today. Wanna be a bit different... However, it's not so. The ugly truth is that im not as famous as them which will enable me to get FREE stuff to blog about. Therefore, i have to step out of the doorstep and redeem it on my own.

Thanks to Clinique for giving out samples AGAIN. It's so generous for them to giving out samples everytime there is any new stuff coming out. This time is Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief which Clinique claims that you can enjoy rapid REFRESHMENT and a full 24 hours of SOOTHING moisture wuth and addictive by-a-waterfall feel. Sounds cool man.. So, why not just give it a try before u buy this costly gel thingy.
I was actually bit disappointed when i got this sample because i thought it would be a small bottle of thing. But it's not. It's just a sachet.

Get urs at the nearest Clinique store before 11 April. While stocks last.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tikus Mee

Craving for nice Lou Shu Fan? I bet Yoke Heng Restaurant@Seri Kembangan will not let u disappointed. I've tried loushufen in several places like Murni and WaiSekGai@ SS2. Thje one i had in SK is definitely marks some differences with others. First up, this loushufen is kinda like porridge when it's served. Second, for sure, its taste will impress you. Go to discover this myth by urself. For your information, you gotta be there early during meal time because makan kaki will throng there during peak hour.

Does it look like porridge? YES...buttttt

IT'S NOT!! this is the signature dish-LouShuFen

Fish meat

Ginger Fish slice Fried Onion..LOL..


ps: Several well-known TVB artists have been to this restaurant before. Say, Ron Ng, Alan Tam, Tania Yeung, just to name a few.

Food: 3/5
Service: 2.8/5

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 6: My Favourite Sport's here. I thought the Instant Cash Blogging has ended at week 5. Some of the nuffnangers have been waiting for this since noon. How did i know about it? Haha..It's all in Innit. Some of them have the same thought as me and even blamed the authority tat why there isn't any prior notice about when will it be ended. HAHA
Well, there is another plus point for you to earn a little bit more this week. That is, crack your brain and come out with some creative ideas.

Well, yes..well again.. I've not only have to crack my brain but also scratch my head because i've no idea how creative i can be since it's all about sport. I am not a big fan of sport. Neither am i a fan of any sport. Speaking of sport, i thought of Shingu who likes sports a lot. At least she could name those sports artists which i could not. I only knew of David Beckham and Nicole David.
How sad is tat..@@
Anyhow, i like to exercise once in a while but not too often due to laziness and also no sport kaki. haha..Anyway, I prefer playing badminton. However, i have not touched my racket for quite some time. I think more than 3 years. LOL. .I could recall the time when i played badminton a few years back. I would have hand sore everytime after i played badminton because i played it once in a while. My muscle had not get used to it.
I think i could crap more if bowling or shopping are considered one of those sports..LOL
I do burn my calories by having shopping every week..Building up my leg muscle by jalan jalan. ROFL

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Cium the Smoke

I always look forward to see sport cars in Genting.
I spotted this post in Chinesecari forum and hence i think it would be a nice one for most of the guys WHO like automobile.

I wish I could be in one of those cars. *dreaming*

Blow Up

Shocking accident!
I bet most of you would not have realised this accident because it has been covered up.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Done with the house chores.
Headed to Bukit Bintang this afternoon to catch up with Bit.
Well, i lost again in KL. FML
I thought this would be a smooth trip for me. However, YES ...HOWEVER...fml. I thought i was about to reach Jalan Imbi as i was ard Maharajalela lrt station. But i kept right which led me to the wrong destination. I should keep left and go straight ONLY in order to reach Times Square.
I got down the tunnel and headed to dunno where. Therefore, i followed Bandar Tun Razak which i think shud lead me to Jalan Tun Razak. And it's proven. I was wrong. These are the two different places. FML... I lost. For sure, i knew i've been to Tasik Selatan. Then I think i was in Cheras because I saw the apartments in Sri Permaisuri which i think are located somewhere in Cheras. I felt i was in a maze turning here and there. Really lost gao gao this time. I was in those small towns in Cheras as well. Couldn't recall the name of those towns.
Fine. Looking for ways to get to the highway. The signboards in KL are really confusing. When i was already sumwhere in Imbi (i supposed it to be Imbi since TS is just behind it), the sign board to TunRazak has gone. WTH! I always think that some of the signboards in KL are misleading people to Holland because the name of the place will disappear when u gotta make decision to the left or right. My journey to TS shud be just about 2o minutes. However, i ended up spending one hour to reach my destination.
My journey back was interesting as well. After sending Bit back, i was lost AGAIN. I followed the signboards and i ended up going back via Setapak and Cheras. FML. But the bright side is that i roughly know the direction to Setapak. It means i could find my dear next time. Yippie. I spent another one plus hour to reach home. I shud have another direction to get back. However, i picked up one which has severe traffic jam and passed by some places which i shud have not passed by. Arghhhh.. Wasting my time only...Sien...
By the end of the day, i was glad tat i accidentally know where is Pan Global located. Meaning i know where is Luna Bar located at. Hooray!!!
I wish i could swap today with next Sunday. Because i was so desperate for the perfume sales!!!

OK..Movie time.

LengzaiS and Leng Car

Finished transferring the photos taken today. shud be yesterday. LOL..Anyway, i will quote it as today because the memory is still fresh.
It's been a whole day shopping for me and i missed this a lot because i have not had it since dunno when. Maybe after i graduated. This is because i could only go out in the afternoon. Therefore, the shopping spree would be a short one.
I called up Siew as soon as possible after knowing tat i could sneak out in the morning. Yeah!
We headed to Imbi after getting Seck. Although we were a bit lost before reaching MV, we manage to get there safely before 1pm and had our lunch at Mr Duck@Times Square. Btw, the queue for movie was long as expected during the weekend.
Whoa...Managed to shop at pavilion and take some nice pic before going back.
AND you know wat.. I bet this part would be the most exciting part for us..We saw a lot of lengzaiS and lengluiS at pavilion. They are mostly guai lou (mat salleh). As they were having the catwalk show for BONIA. Above of all, LAMBO, AUDI, HUMMER etc impressed me the most. I wanted to get out to the jockey area and had a look. But i was so paiseh ler...hahaha
Time flies and i wish i could shop longer with my frens.
Imma so sleepy now..Off to bed..

Take care!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Steam The Boat

Let's go for a steamboat..I would think of Sunway which has a lot of steamboat restaurants. But i'm not going there this time. In fact, it has been quite some time i've not been there. More accurately, it shud be after i graduated and my makan kakis are not free anymore.
Well, i tried this congee steamboat in Seri Kembangan. Although it's decor is not so nice but their food is quite delicious..especially the meat slice...oishii neh..^^

porridge base and soup base

house chilies

set ingredients

lamb slice

sotong, beans etc

Foods: 3/5