Monday, May 31, 2010


just finished taking my bath. Wanted to blog so much but in the mean time i wanna watch PS!!
So here i blog a brief one.
Well, i wanted to wash my clothes tonite because running out of clothes ady!!
However, a heavy downpour today making the hang-on-clothes wet!!!
Thus, i have no where to hang my clothes la!!! FML!! My clothes are gonna pile up to N day!!
Why they've got so many clothes to wash one!!! AIKS!!!

There are many things you gonna tolerate to under one roof.
Be it like tat. That is life!
Unless you are super rich then get your maid and do everything for you la..

It's the last day of May and it will be a brand new June tomorrow! Less than 2 hours.
FML! i haven't really thought of what i need and want (FYI, there is so much diff between these two terms!).

Fine. Im gonna watch the PS now and sleep early tonite. I slept for less than 8 hours for the consecutive 3 days! That is why i felt like eyes are so bengkak and also tiring today!


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