Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 9 (b): Camera, Rolling, and Action3!

This week entry is not easy-peasy at all! Why? I will tell you the reason after u enjoy the few episodes of Project Alpha Season 2.

Epi 11

Epi 12

Epi 13

Epi 14

What is the reason? Well, i've been waiting for this entry for so longgg.. really long.. Refreshing the website everyday. Countless time for everyday. Until the moment just now. Perhaps there are some of you who have the same thought as me.

It's really not easy this week because you have to submit your audition video to Ruumz.
Why are they doing so? There are two sides of it. Let's see the bright side before i go the the bad one. They tend to have more videos and can filter the not so good one in order to surprise the Malaysian community in future. On the other hand, the bloggers might not be able to produce a better one in a rush because everyone tends to submit this in order to win the 20 bucks. No quality audition video.

For you who really wanna submit your audition video, take a look at this on how to impress the judge. Not to only say so, provide a good one to impress your readers as well! Do anything as crazy as you can and think out of the box!

It really took time to do the shooting! Aiks..Re-tried for so many times. At first, i couldn't hear my voice at all! After a few tries, i managed to listen to my voice. It's kinda weird tho when i listened to my own voice. Blek.
Im sorry that the quality of the video is not the best but i tried my best at the moment to produce the video. The sound was interrupted especially at the first few seconds but i just dunno why it happened.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3

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