Monday, May 10, 2010

Mat Salleh Models+BMW= Perfect Combination

Took lunch with malaojing in 1u ytd. It's kinda rushing because i've second round after that.
Coincidentally, there was a fashion show going on at tat time. It's from IORA.

disco's tat the name for it?

The crowd before it started

The "flower" stage

Mat Salleh Models making it an awesome show!


The show has come to an end

And it is brought to u by BMW


Series 5


ohmywtf said...

im goona post my own fashion show soon...stay tuned :-)

Irene said...

ur own fashion show?
where was the fashion show being held?
looking forward to it! Hehe

fiona06 said...

sexy models for hot car

Irene said...

@fiona06..damn pretty..define look!!

nebular said...

Wow! So extravaganza, just look at the crowd. Fashion for BMW really cool.

Irene said...

@nebular fashion for bmw? hahaha..

SonnyKazu said...

wow... nice event :D

Irene said...

@sonny i think there are lotsa fashion show going on in the next few weeks.. one of them would be at eCurve

M-Knight said...

the event looks so cool

Irene said...

but there is no male model..too bad..blek

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