Friday, May 14, 2010

Spam Me

I am spammer. Call me spammer.
I've banned from Innit!! Congratulations to me!
When can i free from the ban? Don't ask me..i've no idea.

Part 2-ACTION!
It's Friday again! Happy for those working adults!
Happy for those who already finished exam!

No appointment for this weekend yet. Will i have any? I don't know.
I don't feel like going around to ask people out ady! So tiring. Call me bah if you wanna date me.
So fed up with those last minute appointment ady.
Who cares? No one cares!

It's so true that no one will ever love you like your parents.

Have a great Friday nite!


m!Z_w0rLd said...

Hey,wanna go mv 2ml mar?

Irene said...

haha..tomoro is sat leh..MV sure jam gao gao...
btw, go mv for wat?

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