Monday, May 31, 2010


just finished taking my bath. Wanted to blog so much but in the mean time i wanna watch PS!!
So here i blog a brief one.
Well, i wanted to wash my clothes tonite because running out of clothes ady!!
However, a heavy downpour today making the hang-on-clothes wet!!!
Thus, i have no where to hang my clothes la!!! FML!! My clothes are gonna pile up to N day!!
Why they've got so many clothes to wash one!!! AIKS!!!

There are many things you gonna tolerate to under one roof.
Be it like tat. That is life!
Unless you are super rich then get your maid and do everything for you la..

It's the last day of May and it will be a brand new June tomorrow! Less than 2 hours.
FML! i haven't really thought of what i need and want (FYI, there is so much diff between these two terms!).

Fine. Im gonna watch the PS now and sleep early tonite. I slept for less than 8 hours for the consecutive 3 days! That is why i felt like eyes are so bengkak and also tiring today!

Feel it in this Cafe

Quattro? Luna? Ended up at Feeling cafe@ Wangsa maju.
For those who are looking for a nice place to yumcha, here you go. You shud give it a try if you like Halo Cafe concept.

Side track a bit.. The rain is pouring down outside! It was a HOT and sunny day this morning but it turned out to be a gloomy day just one hour ago. @.@

Back to it.

Feeling Cafe@ Wangsa Maju

you can dedicate songs to your loved one..haha

offer a variety of foods and beverages

Honeydew milk tea

Strawberry Shake? (forgot the name ady)

Week 14(a): My Sweetheart Smells Like FRESH

As usual, let's update with the latest episodes of Project Alpha Season 2. Shout out for this diva!!! Diva Rocks!! Sounds a bit crazy or over reacted here..hahaha

Epi 40

Epi 41

Epi 42

Huuhaa..Instant Cash Blogging is here again!! A bit stuck (only a bit la because it's not that difficult for this week's dun chicken out! HAHA) But i am not sure about the variants of Adidas Action 3. Therefore, I looked for my best friend- GOOGLE. I learnt this from mr moh as he always says this to me whenever i have something which i have no idea with because you can always get the answer by just googling. Fast and Easy!

I always think that Adidas Action 3 is more for men since it's so sporty. But you (female) can always go for it if you always out for sport.

Im thinking what to get for my sweetheart~~ (Whewpit) so sweeeeeet!
Okay! I've something in my mind already. It's FRESH! FYI, there are six variants for men: INTENSIVE, CONTROL, SENSITIVE, FRESH, PURE and PRO-LEVEL.
Blue always give you piece of mind. So, i will go for this "calm" which i think would have a better cooling effect. Keep him dry and smell nice for the whole long day.

Have you got anything in your mind that would suit your significant other?

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Staying at home now..Erm.. Kinda weird feeling although i've longing for quite long.
Kena FFK-ed by my best gal friend. Sob..
Wanting to go Bukit Bintang today doing some shopping and also to service my lappy. However, m gal said did not want to go so far~~~ T___________T
Spare some time to so house chores. Hopefully it will not rain so soon or even better do not rain today ler.. Im going to hang up the clothes soon! Prolly tonite is the other round...

Finally...done with my house chores.. i was thinking i shall be selfish and just dont care so much..

Back to movie..

Happie Sunday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

YOU have the SAY!

Hey peeps, any nice places recommended to yumcha? Kinda sien ady because it seems like not much nice place (as in nice environment and also nice drinks!) to yumcha both in PJ or KL. Perhaps. there are quite a few that i've missed out. Let's dig it out! It can be from middle range to high end. Be it a

chocolate milk shake


Red wine

Shall i start first..
I've found out this yesterday and thought that could give it a try next time. It's Naili's Sentul/Ampang/Damansara Uptown.

Any in your mind? Let's speak it out!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Wesak!

Rainy day~
Hope that it won't die out your outing mood.
Nice talk with him today. I always think that it's so good to talk to him sometimes because i can learn so much from him. My frens might think that im so knowledgeable but im not when i talk to him.
It's just really once in a blue moon that we could talk like tat. I also dunno why. Perhaps it's like no fate. Even when we could talk like that, we also couldn't talk properly because there's always some interruptions in between.
There are holidays going on but there is no plan for me. How sad it could be.
I was wondering why. There are many plans that i couldn't attend to compared to last time which i had no free time or some circumstances which i had no control on.
But there are no such plans right now even when im FREE!! Damn sad! T_____________________T

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who cares?

Erm..I thought i would be alone at home. But it's not.
My thought is kinda confusing already. A, B, C, D, E to Z were going in my mind throughout the day. How should i phrase thESE? It's in plural because there are lotsa things.

I wanted to elaborate all these in mandarin but i tried my best not to do so.

The thing that is still in my mind is TRUSTWORTHINESS.
I believe that one should not rely 100% on what others say because this might eventually hurt yourself. Don't taruk hope (at least as much as you will) or think they will really do the same to return you. I always hope that i could have a friend just as good as myself *shy*. At least i know im caring (I think i shouldnt bother too much..why should i treat 'em so nice!) No one doing this to me! FML
Perhaps you will tell me treat someone as good as you can by not expecting returns!
But this is life! When others treating you not as good as they can, wat's the point of being friends? Be a stranger will do. Maybe stranger wont hurt as much as a friend will do.
Btw, it does not only apply on friends but anyone i care.

Perhaps i do not have someone to focus on. That is why i think too much and care too much!


Have a nice weekend peeps!

It's HOLIDAY!! Any plan? Here is one for YOU!!!

Hooray!! It's already 6PM! Ciao ciao ciao!

A long weekend is waiting for you all! At least a consecutive 3 days holidays! Whats more?
Have u got any plan? Be it a short trip or a indulging one..
For those who have no plan, here is a good news for you.
Chocolate fair is happening from tomorrow to 30th May!

Do not drool liao...check it out!

Partay nite!!

It's a long weekend to those working adults! It's gonna be party nite !!
Let's warm up a bit.. :P

Checked. This is my little dream to be in one of the top bars in the heart of KL city.
Actually we planned to chill out at LUNA Bar which clinched the coveted Best Night Spot Award in the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards. It sounds so cool right?

However, we couldn't make our way there because it's not found in the GPS. T_______T
Therefore, we had to try out at Sky Bar which is under my chill out list. It was almost full house even though the rain down poured that day!! We couldn't spot for the nice and cosy seat which enables us to see the night view because those seats were already wet!!

I was kinda disappointed after seeing the lights being switched off at 12 SHARP. I thought it would be awesome but it was being switched off stack by stack rather than off at each level.
Overall, it would be that 'super' nice liao lo...aiks

Looking forward to Luna Bar perhaps in July?

Charlotte street shiraz cabermet

Manhattan cocktails

senai collins

last but not least, here presented the mango lassi

If you like something fresh and sweet, do not order the Manhattan.
For me, i would rather spend on the red wine.

Week 13 (b):Celebrities Who Stink

As usual, let's watch the latest episodes of Project Alpha Season 2 before we proceed to the topic of the day! I was amazed by Ninie's "rubber band" body! Gosh.she can present those 'stunt'(to me, they are stunt because i can hardly bend my body..because the bones are too hard already, i need ANLENE. T_____T)

epi 36

epi 37

epi 38

epi 39

Okay..Let's get back to the topic. Celebrities who stink? Erm..well who knows this better?
I think its not like us who are common people. Perhaps the managers of the celebrities know better. That is why i googled a bit when i first came to this topic.

Let's take a wild guess! Who will be in the Top Ten Stinkiest Celebrities list?
I bet u won't believe HE is in the list if you have not come across this before.

To my surprise, Brad Pitt was in the Top Ten Smelly Celebrities in both of the result i've found although the two pages are kinda outdated. One is dated back to 2004 and the other one is in 2006. However, i just couldn't believe that Brad Pitt has it!!

I've heard some 'Huh',' Oh my Gosh', 'WTF' here and there already!! LOL

To my dearest Brad Pitt, you should try this!!!

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When she says NO, it means YES

I saw this meaningful piece in facebook a couple of weeks ago..But i just managed to browse thru it just a minute ago.
It was so true not only apply to your another half. Sometimes it could be someone who u care a lot.

Do spare some time to read. In case you do not know mandarin, please ask someone to translate for you! Don't be a lazy bug~!




















































Tuesday, May 25, 2010

care ER

I think i've overused my eyes recently.
Facing in front of the dead box for at least 14 hours a day.
Although i've been slept for 9 hours yet i think im quite tired...

Asking about my career? Im kinda confused...
I know no one can help me on least on the decision part..
that is why im so clueless now...

God Bless

Monday, May 24, 2010

what makes up your life?

just got to know that there is a Beauty Fair @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from Saturday to Tuesday! I knew it from Eve this afternoon and i wish i could know earlier...
Worse still, i heard 988 was reporting it when im on my way home just now! I wish i knew it last weekend so that i could spare some time in KLCC!!! FML!

I wish i could get some Beauty Maker products there!
I have been longing for so long....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shiny D@y

Well, im staying here for this Sunday.
It was slightly different from last few weeks because i used to go out on Sunday.
"Partay" all day yesterday. It was crazy when i looked for my gift for someone yesterday.
Supposedly partay at Luna. Too bad, it was full house and they do charge cover charge for Saturday or weekend. If you do wanna pay a visit to this top bar but wish not to pay for the cover charge, then go on weekday! Blek

There are lost of things i wanted to blog about just now. However, it seemed to be disappeared just a blink. I was trying to squeeze my brain juice in order to recall it.


Actually i have dates today!
YV dated me to singk and shopping!! She is so nice! haha
CH asked me out to where i wanted to go as well.
But i just couldn't promise them last nite since i have no idea wat's going on today. (sounds a bit...wrong! Haha)
The reason(s) why i did not wanna go out today are not just constituted to the only one reason.
There are a few considerations taken into accounts also.

So, i felt better since i have some dates as well even thought i did not manage to join them.

Btw, i was a bit emo when i listened to either 98+ or 1fm this morning.
It says something like it's ady half of a year..blablabla..
And im thinking wat am i doing now! I wanna kick my ass to really think about my future. But i was just so dreaded to do so!
God please help me~~
But there is a say which goes like this: there is no one who can help you except yourself..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 13 (a): My Wiggy Design

Whoa!! Watch the latest Project Alpha Season 2 episodes and impress by our Yoga Queen, Ninie!!
Gosh!! She's just so awesome!
I've tried yoga some time ago. I think it was more than five years back! I just tried but not signed up for any membership. Actually it was an trial session and my aunt brought me there. I was the youngest student in the class but i was also the 'oldest' one as well! Because i felt like i was having an 80-year-old bones!
Let's end my story and back to our Yoga Queen!!

Epi 33

Epi 34

Epi 35

Back to this week's topic..It's kinda hard though because you need to boost up ur creativity again. Let your imagination loose! But my mind it's kinda stuck. However, i manage to come up with something though.

I prefer something just simple but cute.
I came out with this mickey printed on the body of the wiggy. It's just so simple and tat's enuf for me.

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week 12 (b): Football=Adidas?

It's time for your viewing pleasure. Have you caught up with the latest few episodes of Project Alpha Season 2? Good news for you. Remember Chesserland screams like nobody business in the last episodes? Haha...catch out more to find the real life of these bloggers. Here are the latest four episodes for you!

Epi 29

Epi 30

Epi 31

Epi 32

Whoa!! The long-awaited Adidas Pure Fame Ole KO event is finally here, TOMORROW!
Let's KO the FRIDAY!!!

Remember which blogger did u support in the previous Instant Cash Blogging post? I do remember mine! It's Kenny!! Go Kenny!!!
I am sure there will be a massive jam in MidValley. Do drop by early and get to support your favourite blogger!

Back to the topic, why football and Adidas go together? Think of football then think of Adidas?
To me, Adidas came to my mind when you mention football because Adidas Action 3 has rooted in my mind! At least for these few months.
Second, Adidas is quite an established sport wear brand. It wont be a weird combination though. It's already sort of an iconic brand for sport. Just like when it comes to potato chips, i would think of Mr. Potato. You? Haha..

Let's countdown for the next 24 hours!!

Take a sneak peak on how the "stadium" gonna look like!

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. The Project Alpha bloggers will be at the Adidas Pure Game Ole KO event on Friday (May 21), from 7.30pm-8.30pm. Catch them in action!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have you grab your FREE seats?

The much awaited AirAsia Free Seats are back!! Im sure people around the world are rushing to their airasia dot com to grab free seats. This news has been spread out since last week no matter in online newsletter or hardcopy paper.

I've almost forgotten about this great deal yesterday until the moment my auntie sent a msg to me in FB. HA HA.. Thus, i checked out the website zhun zhun 12AM. It was ady quite jam during that time and it took some time to load the page.

I think this page would seem familiar to you because many people are doing the same thing as YOU! LOL!

Keep trying peers!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 12 (a): Who Will Win the World Cup?

Whoa! Im sure there are lotsa fans waiting for the episodes to be released!! Taadaa..let's check out the latest few in case you miss them!

Let's update some episodes of Project Alpha Season 2..

Epi 26

Epi 27

Epi 28

Speaking of the topic given above, i was stunned! Stun in a sense that i terbuka mulut seperti how u spell and 'O'. World Cup?? HAHA..I have to admit that I am not a big fan of football. Or i shud say ,i do not even a football fan. Normally, we can watch the football match when we are out for mamak session. But for me, i always how's the game is played even after watching it for say, half an hour. NO IDEA at all. That is why this topic seems to be the hardest one for me. It also took me some time to find out about the World Cup thingy!! FML!

But my sixth sense are telling that Italy would win this match. HAHA..Don't ask me why since i already said it's my sixth sense. HAHA...Italy came to my mind once i saw the groups which are going to involve in this match.

However, when i saw this quote " profiles Korea DPR's qualification for South Africa and highlights the star players, the coach and the country's football history." I think Korea might stand a chance as well. OMG..I am so undecisive...Anyway, i will go for Italy.. Ole Ole Ole..

PS Purchase Special Edition adidas Pure Fame set and get RM30 P1 Wimax voucher and a limited edition South Afica 2010 Key ring!

For more details:

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

How to SQUEEZE An Egg into a Bottle?

It's kinda magical because u are hard to believe what the fire can do to make the egg to be able to squeeze into a bottle!


Rainy day..
Finally, im FREE in innit!
Luckily im not yawning yet since i've just slept for 5 hours yesterday.. To be accurate, it shud be this morning. I reached home ard 230AM and went to bed around 4AM. Was about to sleep ard 5AM! FML!!! Thats so crazy because it's been a long long time since i lsat slept at this time. However, i was not partying out there until 5AM la.. Just lepak at home to wait my hair to be dried. ERM...sound a bit weird rite.. Because i used to wash my hair everyday no matter what. I did it as usual last nite but the hair dryer is at somewhere else which i could hardly get it at tat time. Thus, i need to dry my hair using the towel and waited for quite some time.

Planned to KOSE warehouse sales yesterday but FML! I didn't notice that the warehouse sales ended on Saturday instead of Sunday because the warehouse sales normally start on either Friday or Saturday and end on Sunday. *sob*

Our next station was Bangsar Telawi. Actually my main target was the mydressroom boutique. However, i couldn't spot my favourite which shown in their online catalogue when i was there in their boutique!! Arghh.. Wasting my time and energy..
Thanks to Siew and Evon to keep me company.

The most exciting part was our nite outing to SkyBar. Initially, we planned to chill out at Luna and i even made a booking there. But we ended up at SkyBar.
Stay tuned for my SkyBar post!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Twitty Bird~lonely

Actually a bit (really a bit) emo just now because no date tonite. I think it has been while since i last went out for yumcha session on Friday.

However, it was okay after had a talk with June just now. Yeap!! an unexpected call from Aus!! Remember my Murad ya~~ Hehehe..
And also the candies......Arigatou...
Hope you are doing well in your days ahead..~

Listening to Jay's new songs (two songs only). I like the piano background.

Can the time just stop here? I seem like repeating this sentence every weekend..FML!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Spam Me

I am spammer. Call me spammer.
I've banned from Innit!! Congratulations to me!
When can i free from the ban? Don't ask me..i've no idea.

Part 2-ACTION!
It's Friday again! Happy for those working adults!
Happy for those who already finished exam!

No appointment for this weekend yet. Will i have any? I don't know.
I don't feel like going around to ask people out ady! So tiring. Call me bah if you wanna date me.
So fed up with those last minute appointment ady.
Who cares? No one cares!

It's so true that no one will ever love you like your parents.

Have a great Friday nite!

Roxy Mid Valley Pre Renovation Sales!

Whoa! It's beach time again! Equip yourself with cool and stylish stuff yet?

Dream of beach, think of Roxy. (What a lame pun!) Or it sounds more like an ads sentence.
This pre renovation specials is like you purchase more then you will get more discount.

I guess it would be better than the one in Triple Crown@1u. Better in a sense that the stocks are not those very outdated one and at least you could grab something out of it.

It's been really long time ago since i last went to Mid Valley because i hate to find parking there.
Can someone fetch me there? Argh...Thinking to get a pair of flip flop in Roxy. Arghh again..
Let's plan your weekend by moving to Mid Valley! It only lasts for SIX days!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have u ever tried South African Cuisine? Shall you go for FREE!

Sick of Western steak?
Then you should try this! WINE & DINE-SOUTH AFRICAN STYLE

7aste Cape Town at ECOBA, Damansara Perdana this Friday brings sensational indulgences directly to you from 8pm onwards. Get set for a visual feast, delectable food & beverages and heart-thumping rhythmic beats. Free only for 7aste members. Non-members RM80.

Celebrate Sensa7ional Indulgences!

7aste is about experiencing a whole new world of enjoyment from around the globe, as we bring you nothing but the best indulgences.

From lip-smacking food to mouthwatering drinks and music with rhythms that thump your heart ecstatically, let all the pleasures Cape Town thrill your senses.

PS: Entry restricted to those aged 18 and above only.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What a day for me. I shall remember what's going on today. I will start counting it after the clock struck 12.

My gal friend spilled the secret of some artists (not zap ba lang one but those famous one!) after fortune-telling my future. They are definitely some shocking news to me!
Speaking of the fortune-telling, it was not really much but overall she told me that my chinese name is a good one. She was indeed quite fed up with her own chinese name.

I checked the result once i reached shop. Yet, the result hasn't come out even it's already 12 noon. The statement came out in a blink when i was talking to mommy. It was kinda sad because it says 'Dukacita and tidak terpilih....'
To be honest, i carried more hope for DPLI compared to KPLI. However, i did expect the disappoinment though because it's really bleak to get into it. Even some of the teachers have tried a few times.
I thought i wouldn't have to join the society that soon. At least there is one more year to go if i manage to get into the course.
So, it just means that i need to send out my resume really soon.

I worked for my very first job three years back. I just so regret i had such a decision (bla bla bla..and i just keep it sweet and short here). I knew her since then. But i wish i could have rewind the time and erase that past.
I met her today. I stoned and stunned for a while when i first saw her. Because i wasn't sure tat's her. I just couldn't believe my eyes at that moment. That's life. It's her. I was thinking wat's her reaction when she saw me. Well, everything went fine.
I just couldn't believe that i would meet her. She was part of my history. I admited that she made my life crazy at 'that' period. No life.
Well, she is so good at social. Let's see what will happen next.

I feel good when i have time to blog and throw my tantrum here.

Drink, Drank, Drunk

It's on Labour Day! I could remember it clearly.
I was indecisive for the whole day whether i should go out at nite. Perhaps go for a drink. Wanted to return the blouse to Miss Cath. Eventually, plan cancelled and i made a decision to stay at home to do some house chores.

BUT!!! a big but here! I realised that i have no home keys with me!! FML
Gave CH a call so that can lepak a bit.
Ended up chilling at Brussels Beer @ Jaya One.
Finally i could make my move there since last year because it's so famous for its beer.


lemonade cocktail

PS: Sorry for the blurry pic because i didn't bring my camera along with me at that time.
Photos are taken using HTC. Thanks to CH.

Week 11: How Many Wiggies?

Hey readers!! Before proceed to the topic as mentioned above, i think i let you to enjoy the episodes of Project Alpha Season 2 before your eyes are twisted together!!! LOL!!!

Epi 22

Epi 23

Epi 24

Epi 25

Ready to get fainted? LOL

back to this the counting, I GUESS....there are 236 wiggies!!!!!!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

It's time to bed. But im wanting so much to blog at this moment before i off to my dreamland.
Had a great night chatting with my dear frens tonite although i didn't expect to chat with quite a few friends simultaneously tonite!

Hope that Teng could enrol in her preferred uni soon with the help of her ex-supervisor. No nice of him to call his ex-supervisee!! Argh..Wat about mine? Not at all..not even a sms..:S

Besides, WS has made my day by telling me that my chinese name is awesome. Because she could tell you that whether or not your chinese name will lead you a good life ahead. Glad that both my bro's and mine are well named! Thanks to my uncle and auntie and also my parents! HaHa..

This gal has also told me the most shocking news! Yes, at least to me is most! So what?
Well, i just couldn't spill it because tat's kinda serious defamation if they manage to charge. LOL. Anyhow, i could tell that it's related to our chinese entertainment industry.

Well, gotta go. Prepare for tomoro.



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Christian Dior cosmetics and parfum sales!

I was wondering is May a Beauty Month? There are lotsa cosmetics and perfumes sales are on-going. Say, last weekend's L'oreal Warehouse Sales and the coming fews like I Nuovi, Kose, Silky Girls and Christian Dior which i will talk about it soooon. How soon?.. Just a blink of eyes.
Im sure this is better than the Loreal one in a sense that it does not only on for ONE day but two consecutive days. Plus, it's on weekend too!

Im not so sure about their previous sales because it seems like not many ppl have blogged about that. Hope that someone could contribute a bit here.

Date: 14-15 May 2010
Time: 10am - 7pm (Friday/Saturday)
10am - 5pm (Sunday)

Venue: The Coronade Hotel Kuala Lumpur (opposite Sg Wang main entrance)
Melati Room, Level2
Jalan Walter Grenier, KL.

Tel: 03 2148 6888


Get your information right!! It's on TOMORROW but not today!!

There are so less information about Diploma Pendidkan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI) in the web. Although i was so dreaded to know about the result, yet i was looking for it for the whole morning. But my effort came to no avail.

The info that has got in the web are not updated one. It means tat it's for DPLI 2009.

For those who wanna check for the 'semakan ambilan temuduga 2010', please refer to the

Please check it on 12 May 2010 (Wednesday) instead of today!!

Hope the above info has cleared your clouds.

Good luck!

Monday, May 10, 2010

12 o'clock has already passed 12..
Soon i will have to decide which path i should be going.
Yet, i have no idea at all. My fear subsided.
Could i go back to October 2009?
Can i indulge myself in happy hours?

Mat Salleh Models+BMW= Perfect Combination

Took lunch with malaojing in 1u ytd. It's kinda rushing because i've second round after that.
Coincidentally, there was a fashion show going on at tat time. It's from IORA.

disco's tat the name for it?

The crowd before it started

The "flower" stage

Mat Salleh Models making it an awesome show!


The show has come to an end

And it is brought to u by BMW


Series 5

Boutique Streets

Just couldn't believe that i was home so early tonite! It's 11PM. Hey, it just hasn't strike 12 yet! Tell u what, normally i will be back after 12 for most of the time. Let me work out an equation for you.
Normally + most of the time = contradict.

I wasn't expecting the outing today and i thought the chance for me to go out was just 50-50.
When it was almost noon then i was like 'okay, then stay back.'
After a while, i knew tat i was able to go out. Immediately, i informed malao since we ady talked about it ytd. She was hyped. I was kinda like not excited. I just dunno why. Perhaps it was all in a sudden and i was thinking perhaps and i should stay back to wait for the ICB.
Thanks god. I made a smart decision. Or else i think i would be pik cik ING and emoING. The ICB released ard 1030pm. I would say FML if i did not go out. It's getting late recently.

I hope i had second round after dinner. As i wanna fill my day.
Had lunch-KFC with malao ( sounds a bit ermm..annoyance here because i wouldnt wanna eat FAST FOOD normally). KFC is the fastest served food and it's the best choice because we were famished by that time.
After that, jalan2 a bit and checked out the Triple Crowns since they are having sales up to 70%! But there are not much things ler..Not so nice...I think guys apparels have lotsa variety compared to ladies.

Met up with Siew (finally) after 1u session. It has been a long time since we last met. Although she has finished intern, but i felt tat we had less time to meet compared to last time. Headed to Bangsar and lost a bit though. Aiks

FML. I discovered the shop 'mydressroom' which sent me a notification saying that they are having moving out sales only by the time we left!! Tak sempat to check out tat shop even though the main purpose for me to get there was to pay a visit to it!!! FML..why my cloth and sash putting the 'my dress room relocation' there?!?!?!?!? Confused me....

I spotted 1 blouse at Mooie? (forgotten the name @.@), 2 dresses at my cloth and sash..Damn expensive for that quality.
I wish i were a daughter of milionnaire (i dun mind if i were a milionnaire or not..haha). I could splurge on anything without having to look at the price tag!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 10 (b): Kenny Sia for the Adidas Ole KO Challenge!

"The Season 1 & Season 2 bloggers will be playing futsal one-on-one at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday May 21, 7.30pm! "

Whoa!! Nice game!! Will be looking forward to this futsal match!

Have you ever thought the our Season 1 and Season 2 bloggers will be involving in futsal!! Cool man!! For me, i never thought of it because erm..futsal is kinda boyish game and there are quite tough for gals (sorry for being sexist!)

Let's recall our Project Season 1 bloggers for Season 1:,,,,,,
And for the latest Project Alpha Season 2 bloggers are,,,,, Crystal clear?

Any idea of who will be the WINNER of the futsal?
I have two people in my mind- Kenny and HuaiBin. But since i have to pick one between the two then i will definitely go for Kenny.

Why i will choose Kenny is because i will definitely go for the male bloggers. Sorry, gals. Maybe the female bloggers in both seasons are more to shopaholics rather than into sports..So gal do not come into my mind when i think of futsals.

Second, among the male bloggers, the one whom i know the best is Kenny. LoL..I always follow his blog i think he has the stamina tho. Hope i didn't taruk the wrong hope la..hahaha

For me, i will pick KennySia whom own a gymroom. Erm..does it sound cool? Haha..but dun judge the book its cover..LOL..I think he will practice more in order jaga his muka air (face) la..Since you know, if he wins in this match, the reputation of his gymroom will surely be increased! I hope this logic does not sound lame to you.

Let's enjoy the few episodes of Project Alpha Season 2~




Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Catch the Project Alpha bloggers at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday 21 May at 7.30pm!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eat for FREE!

Hola! Wanna have complimentary meal in Italianese, one of the sister brands of TGI Fridays?'s FREE. But why free? As a token of appreciation in helping them to train their stgaffs, the meal is FREE!!!!

Giving them a piece of advice and you will get a free meal from this big Italian family? Why not?
It's from 8th May 2010 to 10th May 2010.

For reservations, please call 016 201 8570

Italiannies is opening in Empire Shopping Gallery on 12th May 2010.


Just got to know that Amber, our Malaysia Top Model has got pregnant! Im not sure whether it's a shocking news to you. But to me, it is. Perhaps, i did not expect to get such news in a blink.

Here is a statement released in Amber's diary which starts off with I AM PREGNANT!

Dearest Friends,

Yes, I am three months pregnant!

Adrian and I are beyond excited, and this is the ‘icing on the cake’ after our magical wedding in Bali. Now the next six months will be the longest of my life!

I found out about the pregnancy straight after my wedding, and I was so excited that I wanted to tell everyone about it! But knowing that the wedding itself was going to catch a lot of people by surprise, both Adrian and I decided to focus on making it one that we’ll both remember, and announcing this when the time is right. Well, for us, the time is now right. Truth be told, I wanted this to come from me as I do not want people to speculate on what is essentially a miracle.

My lifelong dream of becoming a mother is now coming true and I will work very hard at being the best mum possible.

Thank you all for all the support over the years. Your support means the world to me and I will continue to work hard at my career to the best of my ability, whilst taking on new roles as an entrepreneur and soon, a mother!

Thank you all once again and all the best!


What a catchy statement huh..
Found out after wedding, tat true enough? I think as a reader, you could judge it based on your common sense or sixth sense or watever sense you have. They just got married, say, not up to three months tho.
Perhaps our lovely Amber didn't not realise it before she just got married. *quizzing*

Anyway, this is definitely an advance happy mother's gift to her!

IN conjunction with the pregnancy post, here is a video for you all.

Indulge your weekend with lotsa yummilicious foods

Dig out some photos from my album to blog in this shining morning.
It's Saturday. Im sure lotsa ppl will be anticipating the coming of each and every weekend. But not me all times.

Perhaps some food post might cheers u and me up.
This should be a post which goes back to a few months ago. Its the time when we went up to LookOut Point. It wasn't my first trip there.
Managed to see the lights being switched off by 12AM.
However, it's drizzling when we reached there.

random view taken on the way to LookOut Point

Amazing night view

Looking at LookOut Point Restaurant menu

Spaghetti again~~