Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 14(a): My Sweetheart Smells Like FRESH

As usual, let's update with the latest episodes of Project Alpha Season 2. Shout out for this diva!!! Diva Rocks!! Sounds a bit crazy or over reacted here..hahaha

Epi 40

Epi 41

Epi 42

Huuhaa..Instant Cash Blogging is here again!! A bit stuck (only a bit la because it's not that difficult for this week's dun chicken out! HAHA) But i am not sure about the variants of Adidas Action 3. Therefore, I looked for my best friend- GOOGLE. I learnt this from mr moh as he always says this to me whenever i have something which i have no idea with because you can always get the answer by just googling. Fast and Easy!

I always think that Adidas Action 3 is more for men since it's so sporty. But you (female) can always go for it if you always out for sport.

Im thinking what to get for my sweetheart~~ (Whewpit) so sweeeeeet!
Okay! I've something in my mind already. It's FRESH! FYI, there are six variants for men: INTENSIVE, CONTROL, SENSITIVE, FRESH, PURE and PRO-LEVEL.
Blue always give you piece of mind. So, i will go for this "calm" which i think would have a better cooling effect. Keep him dry and smell nice for the whole long day.

Have you got anything in your mind that would suit your significant other?

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