Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 10(a): My Message to AIDSAware

It's out again! Instant cash blogging is getting tough but not as tough as the previous one..
Let's enjoy the latest three episodes of Project Alpha Season 2 before im going to blog about the topic for this week because it's kinda solemn. So, just chill yourself with these videos.

Epi 15

Epi 16

Epi 17

Okay, ready for the solemn post.

13000 Malaysian have died AIDS. Although it might sound nothing big deal to you, but it's not a small amount though.
Let's spread the message to STOP or even slow down a bit HIV/AIDS.

AIDSAWARE is not a slogan but is a project to raise awareness on AIDS and also to collect 13000 messages, in remembrance of the 13000 people who have passed away from AIDS in Malaysia.

A wall of remembrance will be erected in a public space in KL after 13000 messages have been collected.

Im doing my part here..Have you?

Other than twisting your hand and looking at the news coming out everyday, what can you? Why is it doing your part is important?
Try to imagine when a disease impacts and affects a society?
It is so important to pull together the support from society, each of every corner in the earth.

For more information on AIDSAware, please visit

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