Saturday, May 8, 2010


Just got to know that Amber, our Malaysia Top Model has got pregnant! Im not sure whether it's a shocking news to you. But to me, it is. Perhaps, i did not expect to get such news in a blink.

Here is a statement released in Amber's diary which starts off with I AM PREGNANT!

Dearest Friends,

Yes, I am three months pregnant!

Adrian and I are beyond excited, and this is the ‘icing on the cake’ after our magical wedding in Bali. Now the next six months will be the longest of my life!

I found out about the pregnancy straight after my wedding, and I was so excited that I wanted to tell everyone about it! But knowing that the wedding itself was going to catch a lot of people by surprise, both Adrian and I decided to focus on making it one that we’ll both remember, and announcing this when the time is right. Well, for us, the time is now right. Truth be told, I wanted this to come from me as I do not want people to speculate on what is essentially a miracle.

My lifelong dream of becoming a mother is now coming true and I will work very hard at being the best mum possible.

Thank you all for all the support over the years. Your support means the world to me and I will continue to work hard at my career to the best of my ability, whilst taking on new roles as an entrepreneur and soon, a mother!

Thank you all once again and all the best!


What a catchy statement huh..
Found out after wedding, tat true enough? I think as a reader, you could judge it based on your common sense or sixth sense or watever sense you have. They just got married, say, not up to three months tho.
Perhaps our lovely Amber didn't not realise it before she just got married. *quizzing*

Anyway, this is definitely an advance happy mother's gift to her!

IN conjunction with the pregnancy post, here is a video for you all.

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