Thursday, May 27, 2010

Partay nite!!

It's a long weekend to those working adults! It's gonna be party nite !!
Let's warm up a bit.. :P

Checked. This is my little dream to be in one of the top bars in the heart of KL city.
Actually we planned to chill out at LUNA Bar which clinched the coveted Best Night Spot Award in the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards. It sounds so cool right?

However, we couldn't make our way there because it's not found in the GPS. T_______T
Therefore, we had to try out at Sky Bar which is under my chill out list. It was almost full house even though the rain down poured that day!! We couldn't spot for the nice and cosy seat which enables us to see the night view because those seats were already wet!!

I was kinda disappointed after seeing the lights being switched off at 12 SHARP. I thought it would be awesome but it was being switched off stack by stack rather than off at each level.
Overall, it would be that 'super' nice liao lo...aiks

Looking forward to Luna Bar perhaps in July?

Charlotte street shiraz cabermet

Manhattan cocktails

senai collins

last but not least, here presented the mango lassi

If you like something fresh and sweet, do not order the Manhattan.
For me, i would rather spend on the red wine.


ohmywtf said...

going to party at Impiana this wekend! :-)

Irene said...

whoa! so nice!

FiSh said...

awesome party ;D the night is still young!

kianfai87 said...

man I am too old for this =P

Irene said...

@fish haha..its not a party tho..just a gathering..
everything was okay except the rain!! ARGH..hahaha

@kianfai it's not clubbing or can always chill out there..:)

nebular said...

Boleh tapao tak, lapar dan hauslah.

Irene said...

dabao ah..erm..
not sure tho

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