Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wanna have a pair of charming EYES?

Have you ever attempted to get any color contact lens for yourself? Im speaking of those who can't resist the allure of a pair of BIG, BOLD eyes. Well, if you are afraid that it's a waste of money to get the contact lens in case it does not suit you. It's a good opportunity to get a free one to try. Perhaps you might be addicted to it! LoL

I've already redeemed mine. Yes, they will really send it out to u!! No fraud.
It took one week to send out the contact lens after i applied for it. Best of all, they will send it to your doorstep!

Align Center

3 pairs of purple color lens

Above all, they are giving you a 30% discount voucher! Thanks to FreshLook

Visit their website
In case u cannot see the figure which i've already circled for you, its ady 19323 pairs have been given out!! I guess they are giving out 20k pairs ONLY. Wait are you waiting for? Apply NOW!!!

Just a warm up for you in case you are not sure how to use and also take care of your lens.


This is how your eyes look!!! Wat a big difference right!! It's so captivating!


ohmywtf said... come u neber demonstrate urself..let us see ur big big eyes mah :-)

Glo-w~* said...

lucky u got^^

Irene said...

@wtf shy mah..LOL hahaha
@glow faster redeem it..i think not much left!

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