Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i want RAIN!!!

It is exteremly HOT today. Erm..since a few days ago it was already HOT HOT HOT....
I could not fall asleep at night even though i went to bed early!
I want RAIN!! Literally means RAIN!! not the artist in Korea...LOL...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Women go naked!

Can you spot the similarity of these three celebrities on the cover page of French Elle magazine?

Bingo! No make up on their face! (But the second one looks so perfect..haha)

The April issue of French Elle features eight female European celebrities--including Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau, and Charlotte Rampling--all without makeup.

These pictures are entirely without photoshop or retouching! That sounds a bit unbelievable right! Normally all the pics that appear in the magazine or pics that go public will have undergo the process of photoshop or retouching except some (those get caught by the paparazzi)!
What do they normally do before the magazine published? Photoshop them to ensure the body of the models look skinnier, their skin are perfectly alright, their boobs look firm or big enough to attract the readers.

Maybe Malaysia Magazines should step it up!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Desperate start

Sigh...Too bad to start the post with 'sigh'. But i really dunno wat else i could replace that with. Meaning i'm really desperate!
I had my 1st paper today and i think i did badly. Because my performance didn't quite equate with my expectation.
No tips at all for this subject. Therefore, i've to spot some of the potential qs. However, they didn't appear in the paper. Sob
All in all, study=no study.

*pray hard*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The new born P****

Guess what is the following thing--->
Don't scroll down until you make a wild guess ya...
Dun cheat ya~haha

Taa daa!!
Yeah!!Panda. I never thought of the new born panda would be like that.

ps: sorry for the white space in the photo.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Uncle Tony

Supposedly i would have to take dinner with my bro on sat. But it ended to be on sunday because he thought the appointment has been canceled off on sat since i didn't confirm the place with him.@@
Anyway, i was indecisive because there were a lot of places which i wanted to try but i have to make a choice among all these. Western food or Japanese food? TGI? Chilies? The Ship? or the Japanese restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara?
I would prefer someone to decide for me..It is the hardest thing to make a wise choice..haha...Thinking so hard until I gave up to think where shall we dine in.
I was so hungry while i was waiting for him to fetch me. It was already 8pm when he reached my house..Where to eat? the problem hasn't solved yet...

B:Have you decided where to eat?
Me: No oo...any suggestion huh? Outta ss2 ah..haha..i can't decide..i have so many places in my mind..
B:Faster...If you can't decide then i would bring you to somewhere in ss2.
Me: okla..Japanese restaurant Mont Kiara.
(He then turned to the LDP)
Me: But horr...I don't know the exact location woh..(zha dou)..I just know the name only..
B: Erm..i thought you know the place...(sweat)

Anyway, he managed to reach Solaris by the end of the day. That was my first time been to Mont Kiara. It is a nice place where there are a lot of classy condos with a serene atmosphere. FYI, solaris is like ss2 (maybe be smaller than ss2) and it is not a shopping mall or watever.. In that area, there are a lot of restaurants. However, we couldn't find the one i mentioned. Sigh...

Then we moved to Sri Hartamas. Besides clubbing area, there are a lot of Japanese and Korean bbq restaurants. It is also a shopping spot for ladies because there are a few boutiques like Treats. Then he stopped in front of a Japanese restaurant to let me decide whether i wanna dine in that restaurant or not.

Guess what, i didn't feel like wan to make step to that restaurant. One of the reason to it was that there were not many people in it. My bro then suggested to Tony Roma's which i haven't been before. Then i was thinking the new steak that newly introduced in newspaper not long ago.

When we reached Cineleisure, it was almost 9pm. Sigh..I didn't feel hungry anymore.
My bro decided the main dish and he settled all except my drink. When the waitress recommended the Wagyu eyeribs which is of top notch among the steak, i stared at my bro. Then he said that one has nothing special. But he ended up ordering Wagyu. Actually i never thought of trying the new Wagyu eyeribs because i didn't how it tastes and it is quite expensive. However, my bro ordered it cuz i never tried it before. He ordered wine but only for himself. But he didn't offer me to order another wine and tell me i can try his. Why leh? i haven't got the answer yet..haha

When the steak was served, he told me the knowledge about the steak and also the wine. He is so knowledgeable because he has learnt this when he worked in a top restaurant in UK before.
I was listened to him tentatively and without commenting much because i didn't really know much about that.

Taa daa...this is how the wagyu looks like!

I didn't really like it because it has no special. So if you wanna give it a try, maybe you can save your money by ordering other things but not this. Because it didn't serve in the way it was being recommended in the article. The french fries were a bit soft and not crispy.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hennessy Artistry

Hennessy Artistry event is up again! Although i have no luck in winning any prizes, but I have the urge to write in and comment on why i want to go and stand the chance to win a pair of passes! I've never been to any club before plus i'm interested in this event! Hehe..This event is on next thursday at the Loft. Sigh. i don't think i will go if i were to be one of the lucky people because my exam is around the corner! At the same time, i hope i could be chilling in the event!

Let me know if anyone wants to win the passes..maybe i could help you..haha

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Finally, it is the last day for this semester!! Hooray!! We shall jump happily!!!!
But all so happy to balik kampung already! Haha
This semester was the ever busy semester i had so far. There were 8 presentationS and at least 8 assignmentS in the semester. Plus, a fyp which is a nightmare to most of us.
Time flies. I've been busy with some assignments and presentations since the week after CNY this year until today which the last assignment had been handed in. Phew...
However, i'm not going to enjoy the following week as my final exam will start on next sat.
All the best!
* * *
The jam in the afternoon was terrible! I think there shud be a flyover above the Rothman roundabout or the gov shud do something to improve the traffic in sec 17 especially the roundabout near the Sin Chew Jit Poh. I waited for nearly an hour for the bus which i only need to wait for about 10-15 minutes in normal day. Luckily i didn't black out!
Besides, a police car passed by at that time. I think he just switched on the siren just for the sake to avoid jam but no other reason. Then a few motocyclists flocked behind the police car hoping to get thru the jam. So smart huh...
There was an accident right in front of JayaOne. Actually i just realised it when i saw a few people standing on the road whom i thought they were getting out of their car to see wat happen to the jam! I was asking Shing: "The people are talking there ah?" After a few seconds, we realised that an old man was knocked down. I thought he was the motocyclist who knocked down by the car because the motor was beside the old man. However, story didn't end up like the way i thought. But the old man was knocked down by the motorcyclist when he crossed the road. Pity him.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Head Prawn

What!!! Pendrive kena virus? Why don't utar install an anti-virus software in their pc? This is not only for the benefit of students but utar itself! The pc won't get virus easily and the student can scan their pendrive before they open any file to avoid their files being infected! Although i have tried to scan my pendrive before i opened at home, some of the files were still infected! And guess what, some of the IMPORTANT files have gone!! GONE!!!!!!!!

* * *

Ping came out an idea then we went to 1-u. Actually it was already quite late, yet we ended up going there to get some presents. There is the biggest korean food fair and we ate a lot!! The maggie mee is quite spicy but yet delicious. There are a variety of snacks which i haven't seen them in any of the supermarket. Although it is a korean food fair, but i could find jagung there..hehe.. Although it is not nice to carry the jaging all around..But i did that..haha..because i love sweet jagung.. Fyi, the jagung is not imported from Korea! LoL...

One thing that made me frantic was that i didn't bring my handphone along. I left it in my house!!! I shud have inform my housemate that i won't go back for dinner. However, i couldn't remember her number exactly!!!! I could only remember the the first three numbers, sigh. Fyi, i don't ever rmb any handphone number unless for my mom's. I will only rmb which network are they using.. i mean whether they are using digi, maxis or celcom..haha

Therefore, i've tried to think of any way thay i could contact my housemate to inform her. Thanks to Ping and cc to think of the ways-to-contact. Haha.. I even tried to online in MSN and email to my housemate. Worse still, i thought of going back. But that was already 7pm and i sked there was traffic jam. So i decided not to do so. And i prayed hard thet she would have OT today.

When i reached home, it was definitely a wise decision not to go back just now. Because my housemate did send a msg to me saying that she would not be coming back for dinner. See, God did listen to what i've said. HAHAHA

Moral of the story, i shud write down some of the important numbers and put them somewhr in my bag or purse just in case any emergency case happens. AND also not to forget to bring my handphone all the time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

no sleep!

Sleep deprivation for these few days..Why? Even though it is the last week for this semester, there are 2 assignments going on. I've just completed one of it not long ago. I wasn't sure when i haven't been in a good sleep since i've been starting to rush my fyp to complete the chapters within 1 week. Then, i will have a meeting with my supervisor. My eyes are really tired due to long hours looking at the computer. Once i woke up, i just stared at my computer and started doing my project. The only time that my stayed apart with my pc was when i took my bath and went for meal. Time is passing, but your job is still not yet done. That is really suck!

I had my supervisor meeting yesterday. Luckily she was in a good mood that day so i didn't get much scolding..haha..But things go back to her previous supervisee again. You know what, she told us that she is really regret for not giving her supervisee an A. Omg, i thought the marking scheme is rigid and as a supervisor you should have follow the marking scheme and not giving marks as you like. Plus, don't you wish your supervisee can get a good marks and not torture them by grading them based on your own preference. Their future is in your hand. Why don't you help them a bit...

I've keep on yawning today as i slept at 3 am for three consecutive nights due to assignmentS and fyp. When Shing and I were editing our assingment in the lab this afternoon, she could not tahan and burst out: can you stop yawning. I can count how many times you yawn! HAHA..i could not control myself as i've been undergoing sleep deprivation. I wan to sleep early tonight as it has been a few nights that i stayed up very late. Hopefully i could fall asleep by the time i go to bed as i've already get used to 3am as my bed time these few days.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Exhauted..I’ve been working on my project for the past weekend and it was really tiring. It was not so enjoying because have to complete the chapters within a certain timeframe. Worse still, you do not have much time but there are a lot of things you are going to cover up. And during that time, I could understand why my friends always put up ‘how good if there is no fyp’. HAHA

The only the time I could really spare my time to watch the Marley and Me which I’ve already anticipated for a long time was midnight. For me, it is a worth-watching movie. And as my friend told me before, ‘prepare more tissue when you watch this movie as you will need it at the end of the movie’. Guess what, that’s TRUE.

I wish I could have a puppy all these while but definitely not a men’s best friend like Marley. He is too big-sized and absolutely a naughty dog. If I were to stay with him, I think I might go crazy. Imagine, you are really tired after a long day working, and when you reach home you see EVERTHING in your house turn into a mess because of a dog. I’m sure you will wanna kill him..hahaha

However, Marley is cuteeee when he is still a puppy but not after growing into 100 pounds. I really hope I could be in the scene when I saw Grogan (the male actor) brings Jenn (the female actor) to a place to surprise her with the puppies. The puppies are realllllly cute. And at there, Jenn chooses Marley which then tests their patience all the time.

Is it true that a dog will stray far away from the house when they are going to die?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


From one of the poorest chair to the most powerful chair in the world.


Attitude leads person to any destiny


O- Originally

B - Born in

A - Africa to

M - Manage

A – America

ps: i've got this from an email. It is good to share things that motivate our life.

Friday, April 10, 2009

simple yet complicated!

finally....just settled the air tickets after spending more than one an hour clicking this and that in airasia website. Actually, the process is quite easy. Maybe it was because i was rushing and wanting to settle it asap. So, it ended up like that. Things are going to be messed up easily when u r in a hurry.
Actually i've bought my ticket back to sandakan on may a few months back. However, i thought i don't need to go back this time since my parents will come over on may. So what about the ticket i bought? haha..wasted!
Then my mom asked me to take notice if there is any promotion ticket where i can go back to sandakan just a few days then come back to kl with them on the same day. It was too late to spot for promotion ticket now because the time where airasia offered the free seats or promotion was on feb and march. But at that time, my exam timetable has not out yet~
Guess what, my mom who was asking me to see whether airasia is doing any promotion yesterday changed her mind so fast..haha.. I was kinda surprised when i saw the msg she sent me early this morning. She asked me bought the ticket. Haha... Because i could go back with my grandma so that i could take care of her and teman her.
This last minute decision was due the my cousin wedding on may. It is really a long long time i haven't been in any wedding dinner. Btw, congratz to W&M.

(addicted to Taylor Swift's love story these two days ^^)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've got a last minute msg from my supervisor yesterday asking us to meet her today. I thought we are not going to meet her this week as normally she will sms us very early in the morning. Fine. I didn't flash back the things that i've done a few weeks ago because i've no time for that. I just simply read thru it this morning.
If you want to get good grade for the thesis, you better behave well apart from doing ur work properly! I was shocked when i heard about my senior's thesis. Basically she did a good job, but the supervisor didn't give her the marks based on the work only but with her attitude as well! I was wondering why this would happen because there is an allocation of the marks for each part of the thesis! How could one deduct the marks without reasoning? Since there is no mention of the marks for attitude!
My supervisor sounded like blaming us why we were so slow and not progressing at all after seeing her for so many times! Excuse me, since you expect us to do the research by ourselves and not giving us much advice, we need some time to get it done and keep on revising it! For me, i was kinda lost because i didn't know the direction and when i tried to ask her where shall i go or at least some clue to proceed, she expect me to know it very well!
She started to rush us after knowing the deadline is on july! We also hope that we are fast in progression but things will not happen as the way we expect all the time! Who doesn't want to excel in everything? Who doesn't want a good grade?
Sigh. All the best!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pitzzza Tower

Choose as many as you want...but i only picked 2 of the postcards. I've no idea where the places are but they look attractive!

I was so silly to say that 'ohh...in paris one!' when i saw the miniature of The Leaning Tower which I should say in Italy! Paiseh..my geography is not good mahh...(this shud be a common sense rite!) hahaha
Then my brother explained to me the one is Paris is Eiffel Tower things like that....

Lastly, the keychain is a souvenir from Italy as well. According to him, that is how the car plate in Italy looks like. The pink color at the end of both sides denotes the gender. FYI, pink color is for girl whereas blue color is for boy. I prefer blue color rather than pink color as i like blue. But i think it looks much nicer when it is in pink color!

Muackss..Thank you~

I'm waiting for my perfume which is still on the way to M'sia...

Monday, April 6, 2009


I was so shocked to see her pass-away news in forum. She is well known for the song 'ye zi'. For those who love to watch taiwanese drama, you would know who is Ah Sang.
I thought she was preparing her new album or busy with her upcoming movie. Who knows....
She was diagnosed that she had terminal cancer in October last year. However, she could do nothing but to wait.

Sales!! Only for students!

People, if you are topshop fans, don't miss out this as you will get 20% by showing ur student card to them! You might think 20% does not make a great different, but it is better than nothing!

If you are a fan of graphic tee, you can pick a few in topshop. The tee shirts are simple yet cute!

In case you cannot see the date clearly, below are the dates:
8th April-Mid Valley
9th April- Sunway Pyramid
10th April- 1-u

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stuck in the rain!

IT was the first heavily rain i've ever met yesterday when i was on my way to look for my friend. When Ah Sek and I first stepped out of my house, it started to rain. When we further our stepped, the rain was pouring towards us! We could do nothing, but to turn back! Sigh...However, we have to move once the rain was sprinkling because Siew was waiting for us. Sigh...that was a wrong time to go out!! My clothes was soaked! Shittu..

I was so happy because i found a trendy and smart-looking shirt for my brother after so desperately sought for it the other day. The grey stripped-shirt from Springfield is really worth it because of its textual and the brand. But one thing i'm not satisfied with it was the plastic bag given. I thought with such a branded product, it should be using the paper bag instead of a plastic bag. Ah Sek told me that it costs a lot for such a fancy plastic bag. In fact, I prefer a paper bag rather than a plastic bag. Thank to Ah Sek who has the first ever experience in trying so many clothes yesterday for me yesterday! Hehehe.. Thank to the promoter who promoted the shirt for me. Or else i would buy another s0-s0 shirt which costs much more expensive than the one i bought.

I told my fren about T&T(Tuna & Tomato)which i learned from Mich. We bought all the ingredients except chili because the chilies were packed in lump. So, we decided to replace the chili by using a chili tuna. The outcome was not as tasty as the one i had the other day. The on we used yesterday smells of fish..yurkss..

By the time we wanted to go home, it stated to rain cats and dogs. Sigh..What happened? So sueh! Everytime when we needed to go outdoor yesterday, we would stuck in the rain! So we spent about 3 hours in WongKok. Anyway, it was good because we can sam pat a bit more..hahaha.. Since it was late so we just tumpang siew's housemate's car to go home. What we could do while waiting for her housemate? We hunt for the birthday present! Keke..

Ringo bought a Gucci bag for herself on her birthday. Hmm..i shall think about what i shud get for myself. Topshop white blouse? MAC lipstick, Loccitane shea butter hand cream? Keratase products? etc

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'm supposed to be at campus now as i will have another replacement class later...wuuwwuu...i was seduced by my lovely suteng mah for not going. She was so ecstatic even though she had about 2 hours sleep last nite. I brought my notes and books along because i really want to attend one lehh. hahaha...Who knows..many people are going to skip it...No point for me staying there if my heart is not with me right? hahaha..try to comfort myself for skipping the class..hehe

Meeting my frens soon as we haven't met up for about half a year i think. Siew always dates me but i was too busy with my assignments. I feel like it is time relax myself so i will just meet up with them.

I feel like wan to play masak-masak. Imagine, a bunch of friends stick together to prepare a meal! Whatever meal it is, the whole process must be so fun! Therefore, I proposed to go to her house and prepare the dinner together. However, it is quite tedious to get the vegie and ingredients all those stuffs as we don't have our own transportation. So..we are still thinking what can we do! I feel like i want to eat steak! I want to go sanctuary ice bar! But just forget about it since we don't have transportation!

That's all for now as i'm going out soon.... ciao!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Escape the Yakuza

I saw this contest in cheesie's blog but too bad the contest has already closed.
If u win the grand prize u would be able to get 5 premier tickets + 2 close and personal passes to meet the cast of The Shinjuku Incident at Pavilion on 31 March. ...Luckily i'm neither daniel Wu nor Jackie Chan's fans. If not i would really go crazy for missing out this golden opportunity to meet these two big shots! It has 50 consolation prize as the winner could win 2 movie passes to watch The Shinjuku Incident.

However, you can still play the game although the contest has already over. What you need to do is to press the up or down arrow to dodge the weapons and objects like rubbish bin etc. You can earn point whenever you manage to dodge the objects and hit the shandy logo in the sky.

You really need to act fast because the objects can bother you very much because they might just appear 1 or 2s before u could see them. So u really have no time or couldn't react fast enuf to hit the button!

Guys, work it on and get the highest point!


Thursday, April 2, 2009


1 night stay at First World Hotel+Buffet Breakfast for 2 persons+2 Movie Tickets(F&F)
Guess wat? I thought i was given this complimentary when i checked my mail just now! i was thinking shud i go because i haven't reached 21 yet(because it would be best if can go to casino). However, when i looked into the T&C, it was something like redemption. Sigh...There is no free lunch in this world!

I want to watch F1 tomoro....Furthermore tomoro is FOC one! Speaking of FOC, i think must be so many people are flocking to Sepang. Shing shing mah was asking me to go but i was thinking if i were to go there, i wouldn't enjoy it because it might be packed with F1 fans. Second, i was thinking how to settle my lunch if i go...(haha..dun shoot me..^^)

PS: happie birthday uncle & McMc..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Happy April Fool!
I didn't manage to prank my friends..wuwuwu..not persuasive enuf..hehe
Luckily i did't fool by my frens as well..

Well...i feel a lil' bit depress these few days. Dunno why? Maybe i'm being pessimistic and think too much..