Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh Catherine!

Been trying to login in for several times. But my attempt was failed due to wrong password. I am praying for good and that I managed to do so now. To my surprise that I'm trying my the same password but I couldn't login this morning.

Kinda head scratching recently and ponder why nowadays one takes so long to see your message or see your call. I know you have partner or family, but, but does it really consume so much of your precious time to reply just a few words?

What if one has emergent and looked for you? At the end, 'your call can't be reached' in return. That's so disappointing.

The other hand is why ppl always like to ffk nowadays? Confirm hard hard already but at the end telling you lazy out la, this la that la. Omg, pls don't die die confirm lo.