Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 13 (b):Celebrities Who Stink

As usual, let's watch the latest episodes of Project Alpha Season 2 before we proceed to the topic of the day! I was amazed by Ninie's "rubber band" body! Gosh.she can present those 'stunt'(to me, they are stunt because i can hardly bend my body..because the bones are too hard already, i need ANLENE. T_____T)

epi 36

epi 37

epi 38

epi 39

Okay..Let's get back to the topic. Celebrities who stink? Erm..well who knows this better?
I think its not like us who are common people. Perhaps the managers of the celebrities know better. That is why i googled a bit when i first came to this topic.

Let's take a wild guess! Who will be in the Top Ten Stinkiest Celebrities list?
I bet u won't believe HE is in the list if you have not come across this before.

To my surprise, Brad Pitt was in the Top Ten Smelly Celebrities in both of the result i've found although the two pages are kinda outdated. One is dated back to 2004 and the other one is in 2006. However, i just couldn't believe that Brad Pitt has it!!

I've heard some 'Huh',' Oh my Gosh', 'WTF' here and there already!! LOL

To my dearest Brad Pitt, you should try this!!!

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