Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 12 (a): Who Will Win the World Cup?

Whoa! Im sure there are lotsa fans waiting for the episodes to be released!! Taadaa..let's check out the latest few in case you miss them!

Let's update some episodes of Project Alpha Season 2..

Epi 26

Epi 27

Epi 28

Speaking of the topic given above, i was stunned! Stun in a sense that i terbuka mulut seperti how u spell and 'O'. World Cup?? HAHA..I have to admit that I am not a big fan of football. Or i shud say ,i do not even a football fan. Normally, we can watch the football match when we are out for mamak session. But for me, i always how's the game is played even after watching it for say, half an hour. NO IDEA at all. That is why this topic seems to be the hardest one for me. It also took me some time to find out about the World Cup thingy!! FML!

But my sixth sense are telling that Italy would win this match. HAHA..Don't ask me why since i already said it's my sixth sense. HAHA...Italy came to my mind once i saw the groups which are going to involve in this match.

However, when i saw this quote " profiles Korea DPR's qualification for South Africa and highlights the star players, the coach and the country's football history." I think Korea might stand a chance as well. OMG..I am so undecisive...Anyway, i will go for Italy.. Ole Ole Ole..

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