Friday, October 30, 2009

Lovely handbags

I heart handbags by Marc Jacobs. Elegant and generous handbags. Whoa...I like it.. Besides, Nine West and Juicy Couture are my favorites as well

Marc by Marc Jacobs Posh Turnlock Solid Flap Clutch

Nine West Katie Shopper

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Q Shorty

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Mevie

Juicy Culture Elongated Clutch

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Say 'Goodbye' to Origins

Having a strong urge to drop by Origins store these few days. But i had no time. Eventually, i could spare some time after working. Headed to Jusco Origins in Mid Valley, but the BA wasn't there..How disappointing! Fine..then mljj and I visited Origins @ The Gardens. Although it says 'Book your appointment' but if there isn't any customers, you can have your service immediately.
To my surprise, after the BA told me 'it's done', I was so shocked because he did 4 steps-cleansing, applying toner, lotion and moisturizer on my face. That is that. And i was like 'huh? is tat called a mini facial? i tot it is to apply mask on my face?'. The reply i got from him is that there is not enuf time to do the facial..second dissapointment. Third dissappoinment is that i didn't feel comfortable after doing the 4 steps. My face was so sticky and i felt like the cleansing thing was on my face. Although the BA's manner wasn't that bad, but i felt that he was not so pro. Sorry to say this...
And he needs to smile. YES...SMILING.. Dun act cool okay...Here comes the fourth dissappointment. Those customers who have the mini facial will get some samples of mask. But i DID NOT get any samples AT ALL.. I was wondering..Since Origins is promoting the mask, and why they didn't even have the initiative to give out some complimentary masks to me. How imma know how well is the mask works as i was not given the mini facial.

Here is what they advertised: Origins Mini-Facials, free. Everyday.
Book your appointment today for your Drink Up Mini Facial. Includes personalised skin consultation, skin-brightening exfoliation and deeply satisfying moisture mask. All in 20 minutes.


So, say GOODBYE to Origins' masked heroes....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enchanting Island

This post is a continuous from the previous one where more pics about the BEACH..

Sunlight shining in through the leaves of a tree (I, personally, think that this pic is artistic..Wat say you?)

Welcome to Pangkor Island (this is the cave right beside a temple at the white beach)

The sea water gently splash on the rocks

FYI, there are a few beaches in Pangkor Island. Say, white sand beach, yellow sand beach, golden sand beach, black sand beach. Below are a two of them. And no one is allowed to step in the blackie beach because it's dangerous.

Don't miss this whenever you have a chance to chill at any beach..(but make sure the sand is fine and clean)

pity cp...But she looks quite enjoy tho..hahaha

Mermaid Ping (cute huh?)


the sea water slashing on our feet while we were posing

I like this....Blue sky, clear sea water

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pink 'bus'.. Wat say you?

As promised, here comes the photos of my Pangkor trip..
Actually my frens and I planned to start our journey at 7am..BUT>>>>all sleepyhead...
After taking our breakfast, then we moved on...

Nice scene along the roadside...

it was my first time to see sawah padi in real life..but not in pic..hahaha

finally, we made our way to the jetty. First thing first, get a parking.

beria-ria to the terminal jeti to purchase the ferry tickets.

Wanted to get the 9.30am trip, but we were late for a few minutes..

Ferry ferry waiting for YOU

One thing you will never missed when you ride ferry

Small village in the Pangkor Island

Speedo.....Pangkor, here we come

You will see all those vans in PINK which they use to fetch the visitors! Yes pink as the vans shown below after u got down from the ferry...Cute rite?

From my experience, I would suggest you to pick those drivers who speak the languages you are familiar with..Because they will explain to you which is that you will get to know the island better..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

'J' Mystery Resolved

Have you ever wondered why Justin always wearing his matter in his concert, promos event or ceremony. I bet some of you have seen his so-called 'partially botak head' when he involved in a fighting with Gary Chow in Hong Kong. And now...........

He offers to show his botak head...

Mystery resolved by now....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leaning Tower in Teluk Intan but not Paris

No more assignment, no more project...It's time to escape from the urban life. Gotta relax myself after all those tiring assignments. This was my first time chilling out in Peninsular island. Although I've been longing for Redang and Tioman, yet i have no chance to visit both of these island but the nearest one, Pangkor Island.

A few metres to Perak boundaries...another one hour to reach Teluk Intan

Finally, reached the town of Teluk Intan

One of the souvenir shops in the town

the renowned architecture - Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

ps: More photos taken in Teluk Intan and Pangkor Island coming soon..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Enjoy 20% Savings

~H20+? water? Kinda of related to what i wanna cherish you now. Perhaps you will find tat 'Has your skin nourished by 8 cups of water?' is familiar. Hong Kong artiste-Yeung Yi is the spokeperson of ~H2o+.
The sea brings a brilliant balance to your skin—a natural radiance that comes from deep within and rises to the surface. It’s simple. It’s essential. It’s synergistic. Immerse yourself in sea-inspired skincare.
If you long for the ~H20+ Oasis Treatment, it's NOW the best time for you to get one. Grab this opportunity that will no happen again, perhaps in the nest 20 years, to enjoy a 20% discount for the their best selling product!

Hurry , this offer ends 31st October, 2009.



Intensive moisture to hydrate and plump the skin instantly while firming

And, diminishing the appearance of fine lines

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I miss blogging and i've a few things in my mind which i wanna blog about. But too bad i do not have the photos with me right now. It's about the Pangkok trip and also 3D2N trips to Anson. You can enjoy seafood gao gao there. It's quite CHEAP....Imagine you gotta pay only 1+ when order fish, crap.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Office life

i have no time to blog these few days. So wanted to blog yet didn't have the motivation to blog due to the tiredness. Anyhow, thanks to ml for getting me the job and also accompanied me these few days. Therefore, i've decided to craft a special coupon for YOU, ML..hahaha..This valuable coupon has to do with me. You can redeem a free hug from me anytime.. wuahaha...

I have strain eyes. Gotta rest...gud nite

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Have you tried Esquire Kitchen@ Sg Wang? Wat say you?

Jalan-jalan at bukit bintang with my frens. But as always, we couldn't decide where to dine in during dinner time. Well, cp kept on persuading me to eat at Enquire Kitchen... Okay, fine.

After looking at the menu, i picked this!

The pork chop looks delicious rite?

Here comes my Pork Chop Rice, no appetite ady after looking at it..The rice looks even better than the pork chop.

Plain Soup Noodles (Yang Chun Mian) Piece of advice, when you order the plain soup noodle, as you can know from the name of the dish, it would just be a bowl of plain noodles plus some vegie ONLY. You have to order something else when you order the Plain Soup Noodles.

Here comes the soup. Actually i wanted to order cucumber soup. But this soup is always OUT OF STOCK! sigh...You know wat, i thought the soup costs only rm3+. However, i was so surprised when the bill came. It costs RM 6+. What's going on? This is the regular ones but not the large one! I checked out with the waiter. The waiter told me that 'The RM3+ soup comes with the set' WHAT!?!?! Ridiculous. It was the first time i heard such crap. Because i tried the soup for several times ady and everytime i paid for the regular prize.

Ratings: (Sg Wang branch)
Food: 2.6/5
Service: 2.3/5
Ambiance: 2.5/5

Monday, October 5, 2009

DON"T go home without IT

Curious to know what it is? Well, if you are a fan of 1Day5Meals by ChuiLing, I'm sure you remember this! Taadaa, Snowflake@ Subang. Last night was my second visit to Snowflake. It doesn't mean that i tried it before. Confusing, aren't you? HA HA HA. The truth is it was bloody crowded when i first went there , say, 1 month ago. After attended the JoJo Little Kitchen opening ceremony in SS15, Subang, we paid our second visit to Snowflake. Again, it was crowded. But it was not tat terrible compared to the first time. So, just wait for a while and got a seat. Mind you, they are not selling only the snowflake things but also beverages like Grass Jelly Tea. I made a mistake when i ordered and what i got was the drink. *Faint*. But my bro offered to exchange with me. Pitynyer...

The BESTSELLER Snowflake with taro balls-yam balls and sweet potato balls. I like sweet potato balls.

Jimmy, the founder of the Taiwanese Desserts

Finally, i got to know what is this bliking UFO. This UFO will vibrate and blink with res light when your food is READY. You need to bring the UFO to collect your food.

Yam, red beans, pearls Snowflake

Afterall, the Snowflake is really refreshing and the Cincau tastes good as well!
The aroma of the Nature.

Food: 2.8/5
Service: Self-service
Ambiance: 2.5/5