Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My eyes glistened with tears the moment i said goodbye.
The sky is gloomy and so am I. Daydreaming and starring at the rain dropping on the roof of the car.
Daddy and mommy are going back soon. Leaving the hustle-bustle city less than an 3 hours.
Gonna face the wall starting tonite.
Miss mommy's cooking..
Take care!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do you say GOODNITE

Goodnite..It's just a simple greeting. Indeed it's very meaningful.
Here i wrap up the core message rather than translate this piece.
Try to separate the five alphabets: "wan an" (goodnite)in mandarin. You will get, Wo Ai Ni,Ai Ni——我爱你,爱你!
Remember to say goodnite to your loved ones. At the same time, if you believe in this myth, don't simple say goodnite.

真正的天使其实是这个女孩子自已的本身而晚安只是告诉你, 我会想你!
晚安:wan an! 把这个词的中文拼音拆开 晚安的拼音wan an,
每一个字母都代表一个字就是Wo Ai Ni,Ai Ni——我爱你,爱你!

source: facebook

Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 5: I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Are you a follower of Project Alpha? Have you ever wondered you could get into one of the video and get spotted? Now, here comes the chance for you to get famous just like ky, ringo redmummy, kennysia, just to name a few. Aim for higher on each stage and just don't stop yourself from moving on. Aim higher and earn more. That's why Project Alpha is now providing a good opportunity for you to shine yourself and hence earn a big buck. I'm sure there will be a tendency to get a higher readership once you are one of the guest blogger who has featured in this project. Not only so, you will be able to join the makan kaki or travel kaki to have fun!

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1st Prize
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Lingeries Haul

Yes!! I could make it to the Triumph warehouse sales! However, i wished i could go on Friday rather than yesterday which was the last day. The crowd was less than i expected.
I spotted a few sets of inner wear which had no more stock. But for those who like t-back or seducing lingerie, this warehouse sales was definitely a must-go-sales.

my haul and a free notepad

you could find some bras with an irresistable price which is as low as rm15, RM18 etc.

a complimentary notepad which they will give to their guests upon walking out of the exit.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Sleep Angelu

Slept about 4 hours for two consecutive days! I'm missing my bed now.
Guess what is the most wanted thing i wanna do at this moment?
I bet u couldn't get it right. It's completely out of this topic.
I wanna go to Triumph warehouse sales now!! It's the best timing for me if it were to start at Thurs rather than Friday.
Back to my beauty sleep, i had not enuf sleep for the first nite in Genting. Been hanging around in Casino until 4 sumthing. But i had to get up early for breakfast. This was a special Genting trip for me because i never tried to bring any books to Genting to revise before. Hence, this was indeed an unforgettable trip. I had to juggle time to treasure in casino and also revise my stuff. My luck wasn't at my side when i visited uncle lim this time.
Sidetrack a bit here..Actually, i wanted to pay a visit to Chin Swee Temple and i couldn't make it until now.
Speaking of the beauty sleep again, the second nite which i had not enuf sleep was yesterday. I reached kl only at 1 sumthing in the MORNING. I logged into fb and checking the test thingy. I forced myself to stay up late to do my revision but my body said NO to it. It could tahan for about 10 minutes only. I dreaded to wake up as early as 530am this morning. But i just had to drag my body. Thanks to my bro who sent me to the institute. Otherwise, i would have lost in somewhere else. @@

Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the EDGE

I could manage to be one of the candidate to sit for the Mtest after appealing for twice!!
I doubt that they didn't check my education background properly. The middle man (thanks to this guy who is from Dong Jiao Zong because of his effort to help me!) called me twice to asked me about the details which i have already stated clearly when i filled in the application form. "Is your course recognised by the JPA?" A resounding YES. If it was not recognized then i would not be able to send in my application. "Are u graduating by this September 2010?" Oh please...i've already finished my course by last September!! I bet they (gov side) didn't go through my details properly although they didn't state the reason why i was being rejected for twice. I've no idea what i should prepare for this test as there is no sample questions provided, no guide book and so on.
I've really short of time compared to those whose names are on the list.
What saddened me was that i did not know the location which i'm going to sit for the test! FML!!! It's near UM but i've no idea wherethe exact place is!!
I'm gonna sit for the test on this Saturday and i'm going to stay overnite at Genting today!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


在你跌入人生谷底的时候,你身旁所有的人都告诉你:要坚强,而且要快乐。坚强是绝对需要的,但是快乐?在这种情形下,恐怕是太为难你了。毕竟,谁能在跌得头破血流的时候还觉得高兴?但是至少可以做 到平静。平静地看待这件事,平静地把其他该处理的事处理好。平静,没有快乐,也没有不快乐。
人生是一条有无限多岔口的长路,永远在不停地做选择。如果只是选择吃炒面或炒饭,影响似乎不大,但选择读什么科系、做什么工作、结婚或不结婚、要不要有孩子,每一个选择都影响深远,而不同的选择也必定造就完全不一样的人生。生命中不可承受之情,就在于人生没有重来 的机会啊。如果当初如何如何,现在就不会怎样怎样。。。这种充满怅然的喃喃自语,还是别再多说了吧。每一个岔口的选择其实没有真正的好与坏,只要把人生看 成是自己。独一无二的创作,就不会频频回首如果当初做了不一样的选择。
因为思虑过多,所以常会把自己的人生复杂化了。明明是活在现在,却总是念念不忘着过去,又忧心忡忡着未来;坚持携带着过去、未来与现在同行,你的人 生当然只有一片拖泥带水。而单纯是一种恩宠状态。单纯地以皮肤感受天气的变化,单纯地以鼻腔品尝雨后的青草香,单纯地以眼睛统摄远山近景如一幅画。单纯地活在当下。而当下其实无所谓是非真假。既然没有是非,就不必思虑;没有真假,就无须念念不忘又忧心忡忡。无是非真 假,不就像在做梦一样了吗?是呀,就单纯地把你的人生当成梦境去执行吧。
今天的你,是不开心的你,因为有人在言语间刺伤了你。你不喜欢吵架,所以你离开;可是你只是离开了那,却没有离开被那人伤害的情境,因此你愈想愈生气。愈有气,你就愈没有力气去理会别的事情,许多更该用心去做去想去处理的事件,就在你漫天漫地的心烦意乱之中,被轻忽被漠视被省略了。因为,你只是一心一意地在生气。在情绪上做文章,这是对自己的浪费,而且是很坏的浪费。毕竟,生气也是要花力气的,而且生气一定伤元气。所以,聪明如你,别让情绪控制了你,当你又要生气之 前,不妨轻声地提醒自己一句:“别浪费了。”
曾经有一段时间,你心情低落,甚至懒得拉开窗帘,看着窗外的阳光。因此你当然也忘了去看看,窗台上那一盆每天都需要喝水的百合花。如此不知过了多久,总算有一天,你度过了心情的低潮,同时也想起了你的百合。天啊,可怜的花,它还活着吗?你战战兢兢地拉开窗帘,却见它迎风招摇,花颜可掬。原来在过去的这段日子里,你虽然忘了喂它喝水,老天却没忘了以雨露眷顾它呢。许多事物悄悄地在你的视线之外进行,而且悄悄地安排好了它们自己。天生万物,天养万 物,一切其实无须担心。。。


source: facebook

Hot & Spicy

My dear suggested that we had dinner at Chili's Grill & Bar after my convo. I was thinking whether my dear could make it or not because she kept telling me that she might have dinner with her dad.
I wanted this dinner so much because i knew that i might not have so much time for my frens during the convo. That is why it's an awesome idea to have dinner and get together. Chili's was packed by the time we reached there. Thanks to the guy who made their way to Chilies to make reservation.

View from our seats. I could see Trader hotel which the Luna bar located at.

Country-Fried Chicken Crispers

Southwestern Grilled Lamb

Crispy Honey-Chiptole Chicken Crispers

end this post with our group photo. Thank you gals and guys! You guys really made my day!

Gosh, i didn't snap the pic of Lambshoulders which most of my frens ordered this. It was really nice. So don't hesitate to order this when you pay a visit in Chili's next time. I wanted to try this actually but i changed my mind after seeing most of them ordered it so that we could try different flavour and indulge our taste buds in sumptuous cuisine.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Although we are not that closed,yet, i felt that he is indeed a very nice guy.
Although we are relatives, yet, we were just like we have known each other for the very first day.
It might because of him, tats why, i will not crazy with u guys just like we are frens.
It was kinda sad actually.
I will easily miss someone who has treated me nicely.

Anyway, take care and travel safe.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Alpha Week 4- No Sweat


Looking for an effective yet long lasting anti-perspirant? I'm sure there are lots of brands out there for you to pick? But which one is your fave? If you are someone who is outgoing and likes outdoor activities, you will not miss out the Adidas Action 3. "Adidas Best Defense-Against sweat with triple action"-this is the moto brought out by Adidas Action 3. This product is definitely suits for those sweaty person who likes sport yet they do not wish their body turn out to be sticky after one round of badminton etc.

Like sports? BUT...things always end with a big 'but'. Some people's concern is that their body might have become sticky and also have a "nature perfume" coming out after playing some outdoor games. If you have the same concern stated above, you should give Adidas Action 3 a try. I have a friend who has this concern all this while and have no idea which brand of anti-perspirant to go for after tying out so many out there in the market. At last, he gave this Adidas Action 3 a try and wat he did to me is-THUMBS UP.

With this extra-wetness absortion and cooling fragrance, one would have a FRESH sense , just like after showering.

Have you ever wondered why there is some white marks on your shirts especially on the armpit area? That's because the anti-perspirant which has no anti-whitening material. With this Adidas Action 3, your concern for this should be lessen.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Balloon up in the SKY

I've been longing for this Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival for two weeks. I was glad that i could witness this grand festival but at the same time it was kinda sad because i couldn't see the hot air balloons up in the sky.. Mommy kept saying that it would be raining soon. happened after we've been there for about 20 minutes. The hot air balloons were ready to release by the time it started to rain. At last, it had been cancelled due to the bad weather. It saddened me because spending lotsa time looking for the parking, but ended up seeing nothing. I couldn't spot Orange Balloon and others which are awesome in their design.

the festival is in Presint 2 ( it's kinda easy as long as u follow the sign board)

Jam teruk once reached there

RedFM crew is giving out prizes

kites flying high up in the sky

hot air balloon

cousin sis keeps artistic man..haha

heavy rain and terrible traffic jam!

Frustrating Trip

It's freaking HOT now...I wanted to go Genting. Can i have some fresh air? Pleaseeeeeee...
I should have chatting with my frens in msn and also blogging at the same time. blogging but not like right now, which i have to
offline blogging. For this time, it's not because no internet connection ard but it's because NO power supply here.
It was definitely shocked me when everything blacked off just now because i'm no longer in the nature city, but im in KUALA LUMPUR.
NO prior notification. That's it.
My body is sweating profusely and you know what, i've already taken my bath and had my hair spa. I dun wan my body to be sticky !!!

The outing with Bit this afternoon was indeed a memorable yet frustrating trip to me.
Initially, i was planning to meet Bit in MV before we headed to Bukit Bintang.
The traffic in MV was terrible this afternoon and i couldn't stop at the north point and had to move on. That's why i had lost my direction and went
to somewhere around Parliament building. I couldn't figure out which is which because i didn't know which exact place i've been.

Actually there are two frustrating parts which really annoyed me. The first was the part where i almost reached MV from KL area. I missed the turn to MV and i had no idea where i would be going and finally
i had to make a u-turn at old klang road. I had spent around an hour to reach MV which i could do that in just 10 minutes normally from old klang road.

FINE. Headed to Bukit Bintang with Bit after fetching her in MV. However, the find-and-lost-driving took me another one hour to reach my destination. Worse still, i was unable to park at Times Square which i had planned beforehand.
Therefore, i was too lazy to find parking and hence parked at Pavilion which parking rates are quite pricey.

The other frustrating part was that i spent quite some time looking the way back to old klang road. I really hoped that i was going back to PJ or Serdang. It's kinda sad because there is no sign board showing the way to Kuchai Lama or Old Klang Road in city area.
I was taking some wild guess and having trial and error all the way before i could reach off kuchai lama road. I was like spending another hour in looking for the direction back.

As a conclusion, i spent most of time in looking for direction. It was a nightmare to me as well.Imagine that, having around 120km just within KL-PJ routes, It's crazy!!!
There is a saying that u will get familiar with the places after u have lost direction and found the way out of it. But to me, it didn't. Because i have no idea where is the place and couldn't recognise which is which.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kiss mua LIPS

Kiehl's.. Does this sound familiar to u? I bet ur answer would be yes if u r a beauty lover. However, my frens around aren't sure about this brand yet. The must-buy-product or star product of this brand is its LIP BALM. According to the statement in their website, it is to relieve chapped or cracked lips. Your will have a sheen lips by just applying a sheer amount.
i think that the BA in OneUtama is better compared to MidValley. Do check this out when u wanna get this product.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Uncle Lim punya Pasal

Feeling a bit tired and weak today.
But i missed the time i was in Genting last nite.
I enjoyed the journey to Genting as i was not the driver which i thought i had to be initially. I just love sight seeing.
I was anticipating to be in Genting once i could see the Genting view far from my house. It was indeed a good sign because i've not been seeing this view for quite some time due to the cloudy sky.
It was darn cold when i got down from the car where we parked outside Taman Tema. I was running to the building. YES.... RUNNING. I just couldn't bare it.
It was quite a pity because we couldn't stay there over night because the room had already fully booked.
Something quite funny happened during my stay in casino last nite. It happened when i was playing Player&Banker. There was an old man (i took a guess after listening his voice because i couldn't see his face properly) approaced the guy beside me and told him which one to buy. He was quite accurate for the first few bet. I was so regret because i was so kiasu to bet with large amount. I would have won quite some quick bucks if i did so. Please remember that there is no free lunch. Eventually, the old man asked 100 bucks from the guy. It was a small case to the guy because tat's might be 1/5 of the profits he gained by listening to the old man.
i feel like wanna go genting tonite..But tat's kinda impossible.


football fiesta

artists busy taking photos with each others after the performance

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Santa Claus is hibernating

I know it's kinda late to blog about Xmas stuff. But i bet nice things are always there for you to recall. I like to visit the shopping malls especially during Xmas season. By that time, you will not only able to get the xmas pressies for your loved ones or frens but also to peek at their decorations. Even though i've not been to all the shopping malls in Klang Valley, but i did manage to capture the three main shopping malls in Klang Valley. Here it goes...

First Stop: Mid Valley

Second Stop: The Gardens

Third Stop: Sunway Pyramid

Overall, i like the decor in The Gardens. Perhaps i have already get use to the red and green stuff during Xmas. Thereofre, White Xmas is still fresh to me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot


Wat is the first thing i did this morning was to check out is there any updated entries for Project Alpha Week3. However, there is no. Hopefully it wasn't too late yet to blog about it by now since the instant cash blogging stuff has been spread. What you need to do for this week is quite simple- to embed a video and talk about it. But i have no idea what to blog about after i looked at the topic and also the video. Because the are not totally related. ( i said this because i thought of the surfing as in surfing on the sea. How blur i am...
Somehow, the video did surprise me a bit because i was wandering what is the P1 magic box that Ringo is using. I'm so curious to know about wat's in the box. I tried to listen to what are they talking about but i just couldn't hear it due the the hustle-bustle of the shops. It was funny when ShaoLinTiger takes off his hat. i guess he wants to ask Ringo to replace the mirror with his boldie head. LOL.

Oh gosh..i just realised that i've misunderstood the meaning of surfing just now. I thought surfing on the sea. LOL..
Wanted to go online but there is no wifi? Have a surge to sign up the portable broadband?
Here you go..Check out the P1 wiggy which is easy for you to go online at anytime, anyplace you want.
To me, i like to online whenever there is a connection and laptop for me provided that the connection is smooth. I would rather stay offline if the connection is interrupted.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. There are so many things you can do with P1

Sunday, March 14, 2010

You guys really made my day!!!

Raining cats and dogs. Just a random sentence to start this post with.
I'm kinda tired. Both mentally and physically. My hand is kinda sore due to the bouquets of flowers that i carried during convo. LOL..but it is true.
Anyway, thanks to my dear frens who were coming all the way from Kajang, Setapak, Cheras and PJ to attend my convo. U guys are the best!! Love u guys.
Will upload my photos once i get over my tiredness.


Ferrari showcase in Matta Fair

Coming in the idea to visit Matta fair today! I should be excited since i've longing for it for so many years. But i did not. It was quite jam in KL area since many people were flocking to PWTC to grab some cheap fares. I was quite lucky because i could get the parking within 5 minutes if i'm not mistaken. It was great when i saw this striking Ferarri once i got there.
For the first-timer, remember to buy the ticket which is rm3 for adults before you proceed to second floor. I didn't know that we have to pay for the admission fee and i straight headed to second floor. Hence, i was stopped by the crew. I gotta to get my tickets. This move is indeed wasting your time and you will get annoyed! So, pls get your ticket once you reach there.

hot air balloon up in the sky

ticket counter

crowd waiting for their turn to consult

unique culture

nice decor booth

New Zealand booth

Abu Dhabi booth

Australia booth

For those who wanna pay a visit, you are advised to do some homework before you proceed to their counter so that you are able to travel smart.