Monday, May 10, 2010

Boutique Streets

Just couldn't believe that i was home so early tonite! It's 11PM. Hey, it just hasn't strike 12 yet! Tell u what, normally i will be back after 12 for most of the time. Let me work out an equation for you.
Normally + most of the time = contradict.

I wasn't expecting the outing today and i thought the chance for me to go out was just 50-50.
When it was almost noon then i was like 'okay, then stay back.'
After a while, i knew tat i was able to go out. Immediately, i informed malao since we ady talked about it ytd. She was hyped. I was kinda like not excited. I just dunno why. Perhaps it was all in a sudden and i was thinking perhaps and i should stay back to wait for the ICB.
Thanks god. I made a smart decision. Or else i think i would be pik cik ING and emoING. The ICB released ard 1030pm. I would say FML if i did not go out. It's getting late recently.

I hope i had second round after dinner. As i wanna fill my day.
Had lunch-KFC with malao ( sounds a bit ermm..annoyance here because i wouldnt wanna eat FAST FOOD normally). KFC is the fastest served food and it's the best choice because we were famished by that time.
After that, jalan2 a bit and checked out the Triple Crowns since they are having sales up to 70%! But there are not much things ler..Not so nice...I think guys apparels have lotsa variety compared to ladies.

Met up with Siew (finally) after 1u session. It has been a long time since we last met. Although she has finished intern, but i felt tat we had less time to meet compared to last time. Headed to Bangsar and lost a bit though. Aiks

FML. I discovered the shop 'mydressroom' which sent me a notification saying that they are having moving out sales only by the time we left!! Tak sempat to check out tat shop even though the main purpose for me to get there was to pay a visit to it!!! FML..why my cloth and sash putting the 'my dress room relocation' there?!?!?!?!? Confused me....

I spotted 1 blouse at Mooie? (forgotten the name @.@), 2 dresses at my cloth and sash..Damn expensive for that quality.
I wish i were a daughter of milionnaire (i dun mind if i were a milionnaire or not..haha). I could splurge on anything without having to look at the price tag!!

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