Monday, May 17, 2010


Rainy day..
Finally, im FREE in innit!
Luckily im not yawning yet since i've just slept for 5 hours yesterday.. To be accurate, it shud be this morning. I reached home ard 230AM and went to bed around 4AM. Was about to sleep ard 5AM! FML!!! Thats so crazy because it's been a long long time since i lsat slept at this time. However, i was not partying out there until 5AM la.. Just lepak at home to wait my hair to be dried. ERM...sound a bit weird rite.. Because i used to wash my hair everyday no matter what. I did it as usual last nite but the hair dryer is at somewhere else which i could hardly get it at tat time. Thus, i need to dry my hair using the towel and waited for quite some time.

Planned to KOSE warehouse sales yesterday but FML! I didn't notice that the warehouse sales ended on Saturday instead of Sunday because the warehouse sales normally start on either Friday or Saturday and end on Sunday. *sob*

Our next station was Bangsar Telawi. Actually my main target was the mydressroom boutique. However, i couldn't spot my favourite which shown in their online catalogue when i was there in their boutique!! Arghh.. Wasting my time and energy..
Thanks to Siew and Evon to keep me company.

The most exciting part was our nite outing to SkyBar. Initially, we planned to chill out at Luna and i even made a booking there. But we ended up at SkyBar.
Stay tuned for my SkyBar post!!

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