Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easy-peasy? No way

Untuk melahirkan bakal pemimpin negara yang cemerlang....This is a typical answer for a future-to-be teacher when asked why they wanna be a teacher official answer besides to get more holidays and more benefits etc).

I'm pretty sure that your elders will tell u "Ah boy/ ah girl, it's good to be a teacher. Good benefits, high salary, more holidays, stable income, bla bla bla.." It sounds cool. But this sounds nothing to those who are not interested in teaching. Plus, it's not easy, meaning it's HARD, yes... difficult to get those teaching courses like KPLI or DPLI if you wanna be a government school teacher. Why? Okay..Here are some of the reasons.
1. There are thounsands and thousands people applying for the course and it is opened for 600 succesful applicants only. This figure might sound huge to you. But in fact, it's not tat many as so many people are hunting for it.
2. You will never know whether there is any place reserved for our Bumiputra just like the housing thingy.
3. You will never know the reason why you are being rejected for the interview session.
4. I think the answer to test your personality is quite subjective. So how are they going to define whether you are right or wrong? You will never know.

I have taken both KPLI and DPLI. Im decided to share all this with you because i know how desperate when u couldnt find much information about these thingy when you are about to sit for the test.
Don't panic.. Here im gonna share my bit with you.
When you are offered to take the Mtest or MedSI, try to get the reference books in Popular.
But there are some differences of the format if you sit for MedSI. As there are only two sections in the reference book but you will get four sections in the test. As for the Mtest, the format sticks to the reference book. (updated until April 2010).

Besides, the rules and regulations for Mtest is not as strict as MedSI.
You will need to dress up in formal for both of the test. But for MedSI, there is a guideline for you. Below are some of it.
1. Rambut tidak boleh diwarnakan
2. Baju mesti berlengan panjang atau paras siku
3. Sandal/selipar tidak dibenarkan.

I was so patuh kepada peraturannya. I ended up getting a baju berlengan panjang, mewarnakan rambut ke hitam. Eventually, i think i should not do all those stuff and wasting my money to get my black hair! Some of the candidates do not stick to the guidelines. I was wondering wat's wrong with one of the candidate. She did not wear a long blouse. Fine. Dyed her hair (it's highlighted one), wore a jeans, wore a sandal. All failed!

Speaking of the test, i would say it's not hard (knowledge based) for MedSI because it's all to test your personality and traits. However, it's so hard for you to decide the right answer. To me, it's so subjective. Do expect some questions like 'Saya pernah mencintai seseorang'. So, wat's your options to that? Sangat tidak tepat, tidak tepat, tepat, sangat tepat?

But for Mtest, it has 4 sections. You are not only have to be tested on your personality, but also your knowlodge on Maths, Malay and English.

contoh soalan Mtest


m!Z_w0rLd said...

is not easy to be a teacher..n is not even easy to get to be a teacher..haha~

Irene said...

mr moh..u r so true!!

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