Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jalan-Jalan cari Makan

Had a great Saturday with my lovely dearest and so-called (erm..she used to call herself so) cute "ex-roommate". Why am i putting the open and close quote? Because we are not really roommate and she so wanted to claim that we are roommate. LOL

Straight to shopping after having my test and tunch(lunch+tea break) My very own pun. LoL
It was definitely spontaneous decision. Haha.. Glad to meet monkey since we met erm..about two months ago.

Persuaded her to try few garments during our window shopping spree. I heart this blouse. However, i couldn't find my size. Aiks.

mua & monkey

After that was jalan-jalan cari makan time. What Gor told me came to my mind while i was cariING makan. It's William's Corner at Kelana Jaya. Due to miscommunication while looking for the right direction, i was like in a myth in KJ. Turning here and there. Sigh.
Eventually i got my way there. Don't expect it to be a cafe or restaurant when u first look at the name. It's NOT. It's a mamak.
(it's related to murni if im not mistaken)

mamak stall at roadside

which offering a variety of foods which is considered expensive for a mamak.

Here is the spaghetti i ordered. I was kinda sad because there is no more pesto when i reached.


m!Z_w0rLd said...

lost in KJ but found nice food..

irene said...'s in
but still lost a bit la..@@

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