Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where is my SOUL?

I love you mov'in mov'
I wish i could be in Poppy with my frens. Dancing and getting high.
Too bad..I was just dreaming.
I supposed to join them. I was so determined to join them and even discussed where to meet up with my fren. However, unforeseen circumstances happened. Eventually, i had my Date Night. My hard cold body was in the cinema but my heart and soul were already in the club.


Listening to Landy's 刺猬. Nice song. But it's so sad."我想我没那么坚强 每个女孩其实一样". I LIKE THIS.
I was thinking i was kinda right to make such a decision to mind my own business but not yours anymore. This will make me feel better. I have proven it twice after tonite.
I would have split my soul.

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