Sunday, April 4, 2010


Done with the house chores.
Headed to Bukit Bintang this afternoon to catch up with Bit.
Well, i lost again in KL. FML
I thought this would be a smooth trip for me. However, YES ...HOWEVER...fml. I thought i was about to reach Jalan Imbi as i was ard Maharajalela lrt station. But i kept right which led me to the wrong destination. I should keep left and go straight ONLY in order to reach Times Square.
I got down the tunnel and headed to dunno where. Therefore, i followed Bandar Tun Razak which i think shud lead me to Jalan Tun Razak. And it's proven. I was wrong. These are the two different places. FML... I lost. For sure, i knew i've been to Tasik Selatan. Then I think i was in Cheras because I saw the apartments in Sri Permaisuri which i think are located somewhere in Cheras. I felt i was in a maze turning here and there. Really lost gao gao this time. I was in those small towns in Cheras as well. Couldn't recall the name of those towns.
Fine. Looking for ways to get to the highway. The signboards in KL are really confusing. When i was already sumwhere in Imbi (i supposed it to be Imbi since TS is just behind it), the sign board to TunRazak has gone. WTH! I always think that some of the signboards in KL are misleading people to Holland because the name of the place will disappear when u gotta make decision to the left or right. My journey to TS shud be just about 2o minutes. However, i ended up spending one hour to reach my destination.
My journey back was interesting as well. After sending Bit back, i was lost AGAIN. I followed the signboards and i ended up going back via Setapak and Cheras. FML. But the bright side is that i roughly know the direction to Setapak. It means i could find my dear next time. Yippie. I spent another one plus hour to reach home. I shud have another direction to get back. However, i picked up one which has severe traffic jam and passed by some places which i shud have not passed by. Arghhhh.. Wasting my time only...Sien...
By the end of the day, i was glad tat i accidentally know where is Pan Global located. Meaning i know where is Luna Bar located at. Hooray!!!
I wish i could swap today with next Sunday. Because i was so desperate for the perfume sales!!!

OK..Movie time.


m!Z_w0rLd said...

for the sake of ur lost in the city..
better save some money to get a gps..haha~

Irene said...

haha..i really wish i could have a GPS during tat time..hahahaha

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