Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week 9 (a): Road Trip with My Broadband


Whoa! Nuffnang is so kind...Cuz they are giving me two surprises today! Although i expected one of it already. But why am i saying it as a surprise because i didn't expect that they will credit week 8(a) and (b) at a same time. Haha..

Next, it was the new Instant Cash Blogging post for this week! Click "Refresh" and the latest one has come out!! Hooray!! I have been doing this action for so many times since monday! It was kinda torturing though. Haha.. i bet some of you might have the same feeling as me. I hate waiting..After all, it is worth it when you have been credited.

Looking at this mind went blank for one second. As i have not experienced it before. Perhaps, im not those who are able (yes! although i like to travel a lot!) to getaway from the hustle-bustle city often just like one of the Malaysia famous bloggers- Ringo.
But for those who like are always outstation, you really need to get a portable broadband to keep yourself on the cyber world. Be it chatting or checking your email.

Imagine you were in Redang island enjoying your cocktail at the beach. Got your fren's call telling you that AirAsia is having a great slash sales...Does not sound attractive enough? Okay..they are giving out FREE seat. I bet you would be hoping that u can online immediately to get your seat. So, Wiggy is what you need at the moment.

Have u missed out any episodes of Project Alpha Season 2?
Here they are..
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Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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