Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 8 (a): My Version of Grooming Tips


Yeah.. The instant cash blogging has finally come out!! I thought it would be coming out ard 6 pm like last time.. Keep the nuffnangers waiting every minute and second. It just came out and i was having problem in looking for episodes 2 and 3. Guess what, you need to embed the two videos before you submit your post. But the two videos have not come out yet! So, just wait for it!! Main-main tunggu saja ler..

While tungguING, let's me share about some grooming tips here.
I don't actually spend lot of time dressing myself before going out everytime. It also depends on my mood. If i don't feel like dressing up and have no idea which clothes i should pick, then i just casually dress up by matching a tee with jeans. I would spend at least half an hour to get myself ready if i have to go for some special occasions like dinner or club..

Just a quick one to share with you (girls):
- put on BB creams which can give you a flaw perfection look.
- pun on some eyeshadow and mascara
- dip some lip gloss
- get a pony hair if you do not wanna style your hair or you can just curl you hair a bit to look wild.
- in hot weather, not to forget your personal hygiene,use antiperspirant to avoid odor.
- lastly, tap your favourite perfume to smell nice!

Overall, dress up in a clean and comfortable manner. Do not follow the trend blindly.

Let's warm up by watching the Project Alpha Season 2 official trailer....

Ready for Epi one? Taadaa!!

Want for more?

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