Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 8 (b): My Dream Destination


Have u watched the first three episodes of Project Alpha Season 2? Wanting for more? Haa..Here comes the fourth episode!! Enjoy it...

Epi 5~

Epi 6~

I have come across quite a lot of pictures which taken in Japan. You know what, it's now sakura season in Japan. If you wanna immerse in sakura, go there in April. I bet it would be one of the nicest memory in your life. If you are a fan of Cheeserland, you will have seen those nice sakura pics which Ringo took in Japan. So good la.. always can travel one..*envy*

For the time being, there are some destinations which i have been longing for. Paiseh, im so tamak... Say, Hong Kong which is famous for its EGG TART, awesome night view, Disneyland etc; Taiwan which is famous for it's delight and our neighbour country-Thailand. There is a common feature for the destinations i mentioned above. That is, they are SHOPPING PARADISE!!!!
I think i would heart for Taiwan if i could only pick one because i wanna go to they pharmacy and 101 mall. Above all, the drooling part is the pasar malam in Taiwan!!

Actually, i went to Matta fair in March. However, it was a very spontaneous decision and i ended up not knowing where i should go. Because you gotta do some homework before you go to the fair to get a fair deal. Or else why going to Matta fair? Unless u just wanna jalan jalan..
Just hoping to go to the coming one with some preparation.

Speaking of this, I hope i could join my parents to Kuching and perhaps Brunei this June. However, i just couldn't due to some unforeseen circumstances. Arghh.. i wanna go laaaaa....

What are you waiting for? Plan your holiday and getaway.

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