Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 6: My Favourite Sport's here. I thought the Instant Cash Blogging has ended at week 5. Some of the nuffnangers have been waiting for this since noon. How did i know about it? Haha..It's all in Innit. Some of them have the same thought as me and even blamed the authority tat why there isn't any prior notice about when will it be ended. HAHA
Well, there is another plus point for you to earn a little bit more this week. That is, crack your brain and come out with some creative ideas.

Well, yes..well again.. I've not only have to crack my brain but also scratch my head because i've no idea how creative i can be since it's all about sport. I am not a big fan of sport. Neither am i a fan of any sport. Speaking of sport, i thought of Shingu who likes sports a lot. At least she could name those sports artists which i could not. I only knew of David Beckham and Nicole David.
How sad is tat..@@
Anyhow, i like to exercise once in a while but not too often due to laziness and also no sport kaki. haha..Anyway, I prefer playing badminton. However, i have not touched my racket for quite some time. I think more than 3 years. LOL. .I could recall the time when i played badminton a few years back. I would have hand sore everytime after i played badminton because i played it once in a while. My muscle had not get used to it.
I think i could crap more if bowling or shopping are considered one of those sports..LOL
I do burn my calories by having shopping every week..Building up my leg muscle by jalan jalan. ROFL

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m!Z_w0rLd said...

nicole kidman is an actress & artist..not sports athlete..LOL

irene said...

it shud be nicole david...

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