Friday, April 9, 2010

By-a-Waterfall feel skincare

Just update myself with CinCity, fourfeetnine and Cheerserland. They have done with review on Haba Labo. But im not going to do so today. Wanna be a bit different... However, it's not so. The ugly truth is that im not as famous as them which will enable me to get FREE stuff to blog about. Therefore, i have to step out of the doorstep and redeem it on my own.

Thanks to Clinique for giving out samples AGAIN. It's so generous for them to giving out samples everytime there is any new stuff coming out. This time is Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief which Clinique claims that you can enjoy rapid REFRESHMENT and a full 24 hours of SOOTHING moisture wuth and addictive by-a-waterfall feel. Sounds cool man.. So, why not just give it a try before u buy this costly gel thingy.
I was actually bit disappointed when i got this sample because i thought it would be a small bottle of thing. But it's not. It's just a sachet.

Get urs at the nearest Clinique store before 11 April. While stocks last.

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Chin Shi Jing said...

i got that too...but in a very small case they put kedekut. by the way, this thing works well for me..

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