Sunday, April 4, 2010

LengzaiS and Leng Car

Finished transferring the photos taken today. shud be yesterday. LOL..Anyway, i will quote it as today because the memory is still fresh.
It's been a whole day shopping for me and i missed this a lot because i have not had it since dunno when. Maybe after i graduated. This is because i could only go out in the afternoon. Therefore, the shopping spree would be a short one.
I called up Siew as soon as possible after knowing tat i could sneak out in the morning. Yeah!
We headed to Imbi after getting Seck. Although we were a bit lost before reaching MV, we manage to get there safely before 1pm and had our lunch at Mr Duck@Times Square. Btw, the queue for movie was long as expected during the weekend.
Whoa...Managed to shop at pavilion and take some nice pic before going back.
AND you know wat.. I bet this part would be the most exciting part for us..We saw a lot of lengzaiS and lengluiS at pavilion. They are mostly guai lou (mat salleh). As they were having the catwalk show for BONIA. Above of all, LAMBO, AUDI, HUMMER etc impressed me the most. I wanted to get out to the jockey area and had a look. But i was so paiseh ler...hahaha
Time flies and i wish i could shop longer with my frens.
Imma so sleepy now..Off to bed..

Take care!


m!Z_w0rLd said...

walao..buatan malaysia also got lengzai n lenglui ler..hehe..not only mat salleh..

Irene said...

i was impressed by the guai lor mahh..LOL
nice body and with a handsome face..LOL..*shy*

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