Thursday, April 22, 2010


It has been one month plus after my convocation. I missed the time when i wore blazer. I look so smart laaaaaaa...*shy*. I should have walked into Louis Vuitton @ KLCC on tat day. Arghh
That was my first time receiving so quite a few bouquets of flowers in a day. Perhaps throughout a year as well.=.=

my scroll (inside empty one by the time i hold it..keke)

Bouquets of fresh flowers

taken after 1 month...but they have become like this after 1+ days.

7 comments: said...

haha the flowers do not last but the memories may stick wif u ! ^^

Irene said...

yes!! true

ilyana said... got many flowers =)

Irene said...

thanks ilyana..
tat was the time when i've got so many bouquets in my life time so far..hahaha

kenwooi said...

still keeping ar.. i think mine thrown edy =P

irene said...

kenwooi: yeahlo..everyday looking at the flowers..LOL...
mine has just passed a month plus they r still with me..

LC David said...

Good it correct.

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