Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Special Year with Lemon Grass

Although it's almost one month away from Chinese New Year, but i just wanted to share this with you.
I enjoy the 30th of Chinese Lunar calender because it's a time to preparing ourselves to welcome a brand new year. It's the time to clean up your house(s) and also yourself.
There is also a tradition (at least a tradition to my family) to bath with lemon grass (香矛)water. You will smell good for the few hours after taking it. I just can't resist this natural perfume.
What is the reason behind this? It's believed to take away the suey (bad lucks). For kids, it's meant to get them growing fast and having a better year ahead.


kenwooi said...

hmm interesting.. my family dont do that though =)

jfook said...

My family doesn't practise this tradition. :)

Irene said...

haha..yup..not many people are doing that nowadays..but im anticipating it every year..^^

jfook: perhaps u can try it next year..hehe

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