Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eat & Carry

Remember this restaurant which i have mentioned in my previous post? You can buy the seafood on the spot before the fishermen sell it to others. Mommy bought some fish there to prepare the seafood feast for me. It's kind of farewell nite for me before i came back to kl. I didn't manage to capture all the mommy-cook-yummilicious-seafood as i was on the phone at tat time. Just here are some of the pics.





Supia Chao said...

yummmy... ^^

Irene said...

i'm missing them so muchhhhhiieeee..
i'm sure u will be drooling if u see the pic of the steamed-fish..hehe

DC said...


Irene said...

too bad..it don't really like the sihummmmsss..
however, i thought this tastes better than the one in fried kuey teow..

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