Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Balloon up in the SKY

I've been longing for this Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival for two weeks. I was glad that i could witness this grand festival but at the same time it was kinda sad because i couldn't see the hot air balloons up in the sky.. Mommy kept saying that it would be raining soon. happened after we've been there for about 20 minutes. The hot air balloons were ready to release by the time it started to rain. At last, it had been cancelled due to the bad weather. It saddened me because spending lotsa time looking for the parking, but ended up seeing nothing. I couldn't spot Orange Balloon and others which are awesome in their design.

the festival is in Presint 2 ( it's kinda easy as long as u follow the sign board)

Jam teruk once reached there

RedFM crew is giving out prizes

kites flying high up in the sky

hot air balloon

cousin sis keeps artistic man..haha

heavy rain and terrible traffic jam!


HenRy LeE ® said...

awww... too bad the weather is not good, i was lucky on saturday :) wait for my post ya! :D

irene said...

henry: do update me when ur post is done!^^

kenwooi said...

i guess it was raining on the sunday right? but i missed all the days anyway.. =)

atreyu strange said...

pheww. lucky thing it didn't rain on Saturday!

Irene said... was on sunday..

@as:i think it was quite jam on sat as well

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